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Who Invented Homework and Why?

History of homework and when was it invented?

Almost every student hates receiving lengthy and time-consuming homework. Are you wondering when was homework invented? It was back in 1905 and has been a practice going on for centuries. A question that occurs to most students when they are completing their tiresome homework assignments is who invented homework? Many students believe that it was Roberto Nevilis. He was a teacher who lived in Venice, Italy. The man was a teacher in the first school back in 1905 and found homework as an authentic way to punish his students who didn’t perform well in class. However, his name didn’t appear in any credible source. Though there is a man who came up with modern homework, and his name is Horace Mann.

Walking down the historical pathway, we know he had a thing for politics and the public education system. Teachers would bombard students with daily homework assignments. Did we forget to mention compulsory? Yes. It answers how invented homework. He turned homework into power play rather than education when he brought this practice from Germany to America. Shortly after, parents reacted and considered excessive homework as a burden on mental health and detrimental to students. In 1930, it was regarded as a form of child labor because teachers started giving irrelevant assignments.

By the mid-20th century, homework was more personal to meet the child’s needs, and as the Second World War approached, the U.S. forced assignments to ensure their nation was ahead of Russians. Back in the day, students did homework by themselves because they didn’t have today’s privileges. Imagine completing a complicated task without any homework help. Gradually homework became an essential component of the education system and crept into the students’ everyday life.

Who invented homework and why?

As we mentioned before, Roberto Nevilis is considered the father of homework assignments. You may not be a fan of him, but he was one competent person. He was the first man who started the regime of assignments, and he also looked at it as something beneficial for his students.  The question of why homework was invented goes a lot deeper than what we see. Punishment was not the only purpose Roberto had. He also asked himself, “Is homework harmful or helpful for my teachings?” Also, he wanted to make sure if the students revised classwork once they go home. He noticed that many of his teachings were going to waste because students often forget previous lessons.

He believed that it would force all his lazy students to revise and focus on subjects daily. Since then, students curse him daily. Although the man was only trying to ensure that his teachings’ essence remains with students forever, he dug a grave for most students, at least in their heads. It also allowed students to practice whatever was taught in class and recall it much better. The theory became practical in an easier way for students. They learned more and forgot less. Since homework submissions have a deadline, students became more punctual and exerted more effort to understand each lesson. It was because they knew they would have to work on assignments related to those lessons. So, if we dig deep, the man who invented school homework wasn’t all that bad. He helped students to have a more explicit concept and a drastic improvement.

To sum up, despite surrounding heaps of controversies, homework has its upside. The outcomes in the form of punctuality and discipline are undeniable. Whether you appreciate or condemn this invention, you can’t go around it. Said that, if it is going to give you a hard time, feel free to seek online help.

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