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Where does the thesis statement go in a paper?

There is no fixed rule where should your thesis statement should be located in your paper. It could vary depending on the length and how you want to present your ideas to your target audience. You can restate your thesis in the conclusion or put your thesis statement as your essay’s first sentence. The thesis statement is where you describe your main points that the readers will read in your paper. This gives the audience an overview of your topic and the relevant information they will expect to find in your essay. The thesis statement placement will play a crucial role in getting your readers to hook to finish reading your paper.


Can a thesis be at the end of an essay? Yes! But it is what is called the restatement of the thesis. This is the part where you refresh your audience about what they read. This is the summary of all your main points and idea. However, when you buy thesis paper online. Statements are usually found in the first paragraph of the paper. The introduction is the most common thesis location. But it doesn’t mean it is always placed there. It can vary. When you are writing an extended essay, we do not recommend putting it in the first paragraph. Overtime the reader will then forget your main topic and what the paper is all about. To avoid this, you start new sections with the main idea to re-introduce to the topic they are reading. And when you find it hard to do, you can always pay for an essay online and lift those writing burdens away.

There is no exact location where to put your thesis statement. The crucial part about writing the thesis statement is not the location, but how clear and concise you presented the ideas you will find in your essay.

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