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What Makes A Strong Thesis Statement?

A strong thesis statement sets your paper’s direction. It is your main argument that you will be building upon in the later paragraphs. An impressive statement doesn’t have to be too long, filled with difficult words that confuse the reader. Try to keep it short and crisp. Please do not include your major arguments in this part. Instead, it should give a gist of what you will be explaining later on.

A powerful thesis statement contains one idea that encapsulates all of the points covered in the essay. It must take a stand. In simpler words, it must reflect your stance on the topic under discussion. If you’re still confused, then here is a trick.

Try to remember three C’s: concise, contentious, and coherent. The first C, concise, is all about keeping it short. As discussed previously, a wordy thesis statement will confuse the reader, and the chances are that they might not even read the whole paper.

The second C, contentious, is about keeping your statement detailed. It should not be a generic one. This is because all of the body paragraphs will be supporting it. If you keep it general, then. As a result, your essay will lack quality and evidence.

The last C, coherence, is about keeping the thesis statement in line with the topic. Suppose your essay is about the effects of global warming. If you write a thesis statement that explains the causes of global warming, then your essay will confuse the reader. They will be reading about two different aspects of an issue. So, try to keep in line with the topic at hand.

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