What Is the Best Way to Rewrite a Sentence to Avoid Repetition?

Writing requires creativity and skill. If your writing is full of repetitive words and sentences, it is quite likely that the reader loses interest. Don’t worry if you are unable to avoid repetition in your sentences. This guide will help you write interesting content without the same recurring words.

Tricks on How to Rewrite A Sentence

Repetitive words kill the flow and purpose of your writing. Your essay or article appears dull and boring. If you wish to be a good writer, you must learn how to write without using the same set of words again and again in prose. While there are plenty of article rewriting services, you can also try to do it on your own. Some valuable tips will help you rewrite a sentence that has overused words.

Read Out Loud

When rewriting a sentence, you should read out the text you have penned down. You can also ask your friends or teacher to listen when you are reading your essay. Reading out loud helps pinpoint the particular area that seems to reiterate the same facts.

Even if you see the same words multiple times, it is possible that you don’t find them repetitive, but when you hear the words being repeated in the text several times, you are able to understand which part of the text needs fixing. This helps create unique content that is also pleasant to read and leaves an indelible impression on the reader’s mind. Reading out loud helps you ‘hear those areas of the content’ that require rewriting.

Use pronouns instead of using the characters’ name

If you are wondering how to rewrite a sentence, don’t use the character’s name repeatedly. Instead of using the same character’s name repeatedly, use pronouns. For instance, if the protagonist is Brown, don’t repeat his name in every sentence. 

Brown goes to the store. Brown buys ice cream for himself, but Brown sees a needy girl begging on the street. Brown decides to give his ice cream to the girl.

In this particular sentence, you can use pronouns to avoid repetition. The same sentence can be rewritten in the following way:

Brown goes to the store and buys ice cream for himself, but he sees a needy girl begging on the street. He decides to give his favorite ice cream to the girl.

Use a Thesaurus

Writing the same type of words in your essay is going to make it sound redundant. Make sure you use a variety of words and vocabulary in your text. The problem is that every writer has a bunch of favorite words that they like to use more often. This makes writing quite repetitive and redundant. You can use a thesaurus and find a synonym for the particular word. If you have used ‘shiny’ more often, you can replace it with ‘glossy’, ‘gleaming’ or ‘shimmering.’ There are plenty of words that can replace ‘shiny.’ If you are more comfortable with using ‘beautiful’, you can change it with ‘gorgeous’, ‘striking’ and ‘stunning’.

How to avoid repetitive sentence beginnings

If you start a paragraph with the same set of words, it will appear monotonous in the entire content. Make sure to give special attention to the starting phrase of each paragraph and also of each sentence. Some writers have a habit of starting with ‘If you are worried about..’ you can easily change it with some other phrase.

Sometimes it is important to use the same set of sentence beginnings to lay emphasis. As a general practice, take a good look at each sentence beginning. If you are habitual of starting the sentence with ‘Here are the tips and tricks..’ you can change it to ‘Check out the tips and tricks..’ The more words you change, the better your writing will appear. Repetitive sentence beginnings usually start with same-sounding words, like:

  • Pronoun (e.g., He, she, it, etc.)
  • Character’s name (e.g., Brown, Chris, etc.)
  • The articles (a, an, and the)
  • Conjunctions (e.g., between, and, but, etc.)
  • Adverbs (e.g., moreover, however, etc.)

Mix things up when penning down content. Don’t always begin your sentence structure with a pronoun or the character’s name. You can always change accordingly. Use conjunctions, adverbs, and pronouns. For instance, if you have written, “He goes to school. He comes back and rests in the afternoon.” You can write, “Chris goes to school. He comes back and rests in the afternoon.”

Avoid repetitive paragraph and sentence length

Even the length of the sentence is important when writing content. If you keep using the same short sentences, it will make it appear uninteresting to the readers. In order to rewrite a sentence in your own words, watch out the length of the sentence. It is important to maintain a certain flow in the paragraph. The sentence beginnings can be similar, but the length of the sentence can be the same as well. If the paragraph has the same length for all sentences, it creates a bad choppy effect. Make sure to vary the length of the sentence and paragraph more often. Same length paragraphs and sentences look odd. Keep some paras short while others a bit longer to achieve variety.

Avoiding repetitive sentence structures

To rewrite the sentence correctly, don’t follow the same sentence structure for all your phrases. If your writing is monotonous with the same kind of sentence structure repeatedly, it will make your reader bored, and chances are your content won’t be read. Vary sentence structure for all the phrases. The more varied and different sentences you have, the better readability and variety your content will have.

If you are using only one kind of sentence that comes more naturally to you, it might make your writing job easier, but it would make your content less interesting. If you are habitual of using more independent clauses, try adding complex sentence structures to create the right balance. Don’t use the same type of clauses in a row. It appears clumsy and not taken care of. Remember to use multiple sentences. When revising your content, also keep an eye on the conjunctions.

Convert a simple sentence into a compound one. You can add conjunctions to make deviations in the sentence structures.

We hope this guide on how to rewrite a sentence to avoid repetition will help you write remarkable content. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above. Keep writing content that shows the variety and is not monotonous to develop your reader’s interest.

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