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Topic sentence vs Thesis

An essay assignment can perplex anyone easily. It is okay to get stuck between multiple parts of it. There will be times when you might wonder about the difference between sentence and thesis. Well, there is a huge one! To understand it, pay attention to the structure. There are 3 main parts of an essay: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Your thesis statement will be a part of the introduction. In most cases, at the end of the paragraph. The statement covers encapsulate the crux of your essay. In other words, it is the main idea that you will be establishing in your writing. Its focus is on:

  • What is the essay about?
  • Why is this an issue or an important topic?
  • How can the issue be rectified or recommendations?

As for the topic sentence, it is not solely a part of a section. Everybody paragraph starts with it. Consider it as the primary point on which each paragraph will be built. The sentences that follow the topic sentence will be supporting points, making the argument stronger. There is another lens that you can use to look at the difference. Your topic sentences of all the paragraphs will be defending your thesis statement. So, the thesis statement is the protagonist that you must keep referring to continuously. If you are still confused about the difference, then do not give in. Buy a thesis paper online and check how professionals tackle all of an essay’s parts. It will serve as a quality sample that can help you build your foundation.

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