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Sociology research paper topics

Below are some sociology research paper ideas that you can use. They are divided into different areas, like family, religion, gender, mental health, etc. You can always buy a college research paper online, but you are free to use these topics, too.

Sociology Research Topics On Family

  1. How has the definition of marriage changed throughout the years?
  2. What are the effects of single parenting on children?
  3. Should parents require their children to take care of them as they get old?
  4. How does the parent’s culture influence their parenting style?
  5. Should parents teach their children to remain respectful to all their family members even if they feel uncomfortable around some of them?
  6. How does a parent’s infidelity affect the family?
  7. Should children be forced to work for extra income?
  8. How does helicopter parenting affect the children?
  9. Should parents be required to take a parenting class before having children?
  10. Should children be obligated to give their parents access to all their social media accounts?

Sociology Research Topics On Crime

  1. What should be the age of criminal responsibility?
  2. What are the dangers posed by extrajudicial killings to society?
  3. Should catcallers, whether man or woman, be punished?
  4. Should online conversations be counted as valid evidence in court?
  5. What are the effects of sexual grooming on children and teenagers?
  6. How does imprisonment affect a prisoner’s family?
  7. Should parents be held liable for their children’s crimes who are not yet on the age of criminal liability?
  8. What are the effects of cybersex trafficking on young girls?
  9. Should writers of fake news be punished?
  10. How have graft and corruption changed people’s perception of government officials?

Medical Sociology Research Topics

  1. How old should someone be before undergoing plastic surgery?
  2. Is organ transplant ethical?
  3. What are the effects of lack of sleep on students?
  4. How does the consumption of sugar affect our overall health?
  5. Should parents be allowed to refuse effective vaccines on their children?
  6. What is considered healthy food nowadays?
  7. What is adequate screen time for children and teenagers considering online learning?
  8. Should students be trained to perform first aid for emergency purposes?
  9. How does COVID-19 change people’s perception of races?
  10. Is drinking milk terrible for our health?

Environmental Sociology Research Topics

  1. Should people who litter in public areas be punished?
  2. How does the global climate crisis affect children’s perception of their future?
  3. How does tourism contribute to climate change?
  4. Should big manufacturing companies be required to switch to environmentally friendly product packaging?
  5. How does the COVID-19 quarantine around the world affect the environment?
  6. Do reusable alternatives, like metal straws, help improve plastic pollution?
  7. Should people who smoke be punished for environmental reasons?
  8. How does the plastic pollution in the oceans affect the quality of the aquatic resources that we consume?
  9. Should households who do not practice waste segregation be punished?
  10. How does illegal mining or logging affect people’s quality of life?

Sociology Of Religion Research Topics

  1. Should one’s nationality be a factor in accepting them as new members of the congregation?
  2. Should religious leaders contribute to the laws of the country?
  3. How old can children choose their religion or belief?
  4. Should schools continue to promote religious practices in their activities?
  5. Should schools give merits to students who have religious involvements?
  6. What are the effects of church camps on teenagers?
  7. Should schools require religion classes?
  8. How does one’s belief affect other people’s perception of them?
  9. Should religious leaders be allowed to run for government positions?
  10. What are the effects of having a strict Christian household on children when they grow up?

Have you chosen from the lists above? You can always modify the topics as you see fit. After that, you have to learn how to write a sociology research paper. If that seems overwhelming now, you may be thinking of where to buy APA research paper. There are many custom essay writing services that you can avail yourself of online for your convenience.

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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