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Short Term and Long-Term Goals Essay for MBA Application

What are MBA Goals?

When you want to become a professional shortly, you tend to set long-term and sort term targets for yourself. Crafting these goals can be tricky. Short term goals are immediate achievable targets, while long term goals are somewhere between 5 to 10 years after you get your MBA degree. 

You can write a winning essay to get yourself an interview for an MBA if you incorporate these goals in it. You can take a look at example essays to start. If you’re wondering why MBA essay example, then we have the answer. It is an excellent way to go about the writing technique and get an idea regarding which goals might stand out to impress the reader.

Short Term Goals

Set achievable short-term MBA goals for yourself. They are a set of goals that you need to achieve right after you get your degree. You need to envision yourself in the situation and be realistic. Don’t come up with something impossible to achieve within a year. Vague goals won’t get you anywhere. Be specific and conduct market research to get the hang of the know-how of the industry.

Examples of Short Term Goals

There are several short term goals you can list down for yourself. Fortunately, we have some in mind short term goal examples for you too!

  • Get yourself an internship with a clear time frame in mind. It can be anywhere between six months to two years. 
  • Determine the field you want to work in, such as finance or marketing. For example, I would like to work as a financial analyst for a big firm in the U.S. and gain more market experience in the field.
  • Improve network and connections to learn more from the market leaders.
  • Familiarize yourself with new technology in the field and new working methods to achieve the best results.
  • Start communicating with coworkers more to better understand the market and work environment and enhance your team tasks’ performance.

Long Term Goals

Your long-term goals should be detailed, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-specific. If not, you are set for doom. Your short-term goals were the stepping stones, paving the way to your long-term goals; here, you have the end game. They contribute a great deal to your MBA essay. If you can’t write them well enough and put them across effectively, look for MBA essay writing help online.

Examples of Long Term Goals

Here are some long term goals examples to get you started!

  • I am aspiring to revolutionize a specific part of the industrial sector within ten years.
  • I am securing a position in the top management of a well-known firm in the next five years.
  • I am becoming an executive at a specific firm to enhance and improve sustainability projects by helping other companies and changing mindsets to increase environmental awareness.
  • Improve your performance at work to become a member of the H.R. management team at a big organization and attract better recruits of a particular caliber for the organization.
  • Set a marketing strategy for your business to dominate all social platforms and increase sales by 30% every year.
  • Come up with long-term competitive strategies to build a solid customer base for your business to set it apart and improve its market position.
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