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Science research paper topics

With so many reputable and current journals online, science papers are among the most exciting and easy writing documents. This guide is a great place to start If you are looking for ideal science topics for a research paper.

There are several branches of sciences that you can dive into. Below listed are numerous topics you can use or take inspiration from. Once the topic is selected, do not forget to write a research paper outline before starting the actual draft. Let’s begin the selection process.

Political science research paper topics

If you have an interest in politics, this is a great field to work with. Here are a few political science topics to choose from:

  • The recruitment process in third world countries
  • International monetary and fiscal policies
  • Parliamentary Democracy versus Presidential
  • Analysis of the global security network
  • Aristotle’s take on the Theory of Governance
  • Transnational Corporation of Legal Issues
  • The link between politics and media
  • Terrorism as a political tool
  • Environmental management policies
  • Theorists take on Iran Oil Conflict

Computer science research paper topics

This branch of science is gaining immense popularity in today’s era. Here are a few computer science topics to choose from:

  • How is human-computer interaction evolving?
  • Robotics and AI- What does the future has in store?
  • Cloud storage and its benefits
  • Machine learning taking over the world by storm
  • Pros and cons of common programming languages
  • Encryption and decryption of data
  • The scope of the E-banking sector
  • White hat techniques for ethical hacking
  • The contribution of blockchain for an economy
  • Data mining and big data

Forensic science research paper topics

Here are a few forensic science topics to choose from. You can also purchase college research papers if you need professional guidance.

  • Pattern evidence and fingerprints
  • Primary methods of forensic science
  • Role of forensic science in competition-law enforcement
  • Illegal drugs and opioids
  • Ballistics analysis
  • Trace evidence in court
  • Digital evidence in a criminal investigation
  • Forensic science role in solving crime
  • Significance of DNA analysis
  • The career as a forensic science technician

Environmental science research paper topics

Environmental science is just as important as any other branch of science. Here are a few ecological science topics to choose from:

  • The role of renewable energy in an economy
  • Urban ecology link with biodiversity
  • Climate change as a warning sign
  • Limnology and oceanography
  • Fire ecology as a branch of ecology
  • Key topics in conservation biology
  • Environmental management global policies
  • How to slow down global warming?
  • Scope of environmental science as a degree
  • Environmental justice

Controversial science topics for research paper

Controversial research papers are often the most popular. Here are a few controversial science topics to choose from:

  • The correct quantity of alcohol is good for the human body
  • Remaining time before non-renewable resources run out
  • Bulimia: a psychological or eating disorder?
  • Banning drugs does more harm than good
  • The possibility of lifestyle disorders reversal
  • Euthanasia can be considered an assisted suicide
  • Depression is often over-diagnosed
  • The morality regarding animal testing is overrated
  • Stress is the epicenter of every disease
  • Social science is often under-rated

Physical science research paper topics

Here are a few physical science topics to choose from:

  • Progress in plasma physics
  • Biophysics and its components
  • What is Dark matter?
  • Wave-particle duality
  • Representation theory of finite groups
  • Energy and sustainability
  • The physics of chemistry
  • Quantum technologies and their applications
  • Podiatry and optometry
  • Philosophy and history of physics

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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