reflective-essay-examplesAll reflective essays have a number of common rules that must be followed. First of all let’s remind ourselves that reflective essay is a type of writing that reflects on personal experience or event. The personal experience of the author is revealed throughout the paper. The reflective essay examples demonstrate the importance of understanding the connection between people’s essence, their uniqueness and social relations. Some philosophical elements should be applied to this type of writing. 
It is important to remember to reflect on specific details like personal character, surroundings, weather, etc. It is beneficial to apply a whole range of possible topic understandings to give the viewer a wide variety of impressions, feelings and thoughts.
Reflective essay examples must imply strong essay outline. It includes reflective description, following main facts and environment rules observation. Reflective essay structure is also another element that must be strongly followed. Opening paragraph, middle part and concluding summary.

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