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Psychology Research Paper Topics

There are tons of intriguing psychology research paper topics you can write about. There are several branches of psychology you can explore for your research paper. Remember to start strong, build a convincing body coupled with facts and backup claims from scholarly publications and previous studies. Do not forget to write a conclusion in a research paper to summarize all the critical points you want to imprint on your audience. Here some topics of psychology research paper you can use.

Controversial topics in psychology for a research paper

If you want to catch the attention of your audience, here some intriguing psychology research topics you can you for your thesis:

  1. Gender issue: Homophobia
  2. Are suicides caused by taking anti-depressants?
  3. Placebo effect: Are the use of anxiety pills effective?
  4. Are humans born evil, or did evil? An analysis on the behavior of serial killers
  5. Depression: a silent killer
  6. Do therapy sessions work?
  7. Eating disorders: Anorexia vs. Obesity
  8. Love: how do you know when you feel it
  9. Trauma: Lifetime injuries
  10. Mental health awareness

Developmental psychology research papers

  1. The relationship of learning disabilities and pre-natal irresponsibility
  2. Does parenting style affect the children’s emotional growth?
  3. How does bullying affect the performance of a person?
  4. Late bloomers. What causes them?
  5. Does a child achieve more things when raised in a reward-based environment?
  6. Does aging affect our short-term memory?
  7. Do video games promote violence to a child?
  8. Does listening to music makes a student study better?
  9. Do compliments raise a child’s motivation?
  10. Teaching kids sign language can cause delayed speaking

Abnormal psychology research topics

  1. Mass killings: The psychology of a mass murderer
  2. Anxiety: What causes them?
  3. Why most teenagers have suicidal thoughts
  4. Autism: What are the myths you need to debunk
  5. What are the causes of bipolar disorder?
  6. Asexuality as a person’s sexual orientation
  7. The overuse of the internet and the development of anti-social behavior
  8. Why do people lie?
  9. Do social media portray a narcissistic attitude
  10. Reasons for self-harm

Sport psychology research topics

You are halfway to the recommendations on the psychology topic for a research paper. Here are some more that might interest you.

  1. Sports for concentration control
  2. The positive effect of team chemistry in sports
  3. Sports as a way of rehabilitation
  4. The pros and cons of caffeine to athletes
  5. Effects of participating in sports by persons with disabilities
  6. Hit that ball: Solving anger management issues
  7. The absence of sports in relationship with obesity
  8. Effects of taking performance-enhancing drugs
  9. History of sports psychology
  10. Do sports build confidence and a person’s self-esteem?

Social psychology topics for research paper

  1. The judicial system and how it affects the way our youth thinks
  2. Can religion cause severe attitude change?
  3. How the society looks at persons with disabilities
  4. How does losing a loved one affect a person
  5. Love: True feelings or illusions?
  6. Healthy parenting styles
  7. Does a broken home affect a child’s behavior?
  8. How to get over grief
  9. Top social influences that shape the children of today
  10. How to treat people with ADHD

Cognitive psychology research paper topics

You can’t help but think to have someone write my research paper for me with tons of selection. There are still a few topic suggestions that might interest you.

  1. The explanation behind déjà vu
  2. Schools and the campaign to promote critical thinking
  3. Factors that influence your decision making
  4. How to control the attention span of children
  5. ADHD and its effects on a child’s learning ability
  6. Can you recover memory loss?
  7. Sleep and its importance to our cognitive functions
  8. What are the factors the affected problem-solving skills?
  9. Short-term vs. Long term memories
  10. How is autism treated in modern society?

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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