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Persuasive Speech Thesis Examples

Our words hold a lot of power that we do not know exists. Through writing or speaking, we can command, hurt, and influence people. But one of the best things about being able to communicate is effecting change.

A kind of discourse that allows one to influence or bring about change is called a persuasive speech. It will enable the speaker to convince the audience to believe him or her. Eventually, it can lead to the audience’s change of belief or action. They are commonly seen in a PhD thesis defense. The presenters’ persuasion is crucial. It is because they need to convince the panel members that their study is well-done and acceptable.

In this article, you will learn the different types and see some thesis for persuasive speeches. It is to give you a better understanding if you need or wish to write one.

Persuasive Speeches Types

You can see a lot of persuasive speech examples everywhere. From advertisements to campaigns, the act of persuasion is indeed a part of our society. However, they also differ from one another. There are 3 types of persuasive speeches. They focus on fact, value, and policy.

  1. Factual type

In this type, the speaker’s claim is based on concrete facts and evidence. Speakers rely on proofs, studies, or basic information to make a point. 

  1. Value type

Meanwhile, this is where the speakers question the moral, ethical, or philosophical aspect of an issue. Their arguments are based on their sense of right or wrong to make their audience reevaluate their values.

  1. Policy type

In this one, the speaker convinces the audience on policies, rules, or even candidates. They encourage you to either support or reject a particular proposal.

Examples of Persuasive Speech Thesis

If you are still lost and confused, you always have the option to buy a thesis. But if you don’t have the means for it, you can still get thesis ideas here. Below are some persuasive speech thesis examples for your reference.

Example # 1

Parents should have total control over their children’s gadgets and social media accounts because of the possible dangers of too much screen time on young children’s health, behavior, and relationships.

Example # 2

Giant corporations contributing to most of the Earth’s greenhouse gas emissions should make drastic changes in their operations to combat climate change and contribute to restoration projects worldwide.

Example # 3

After the coronavirus pandemic, the government should direct its attention and service to the citizens’ mental health by raising awareness, offering free consultation, and providing medication allowance.

Example # 4:

Since not all students are linguistically intelligent, they should be encouraged to pay for essay writing services. It could help them improve their academic standing, social relationships, and overall health.

Indeed, persuasive speeches are vital not only in our communication but also in our society’s transformation. It is why there are a lot of influencers nowadays! They may already be doing it without knowing. They may convince their followers through the proposition of facts, value, and policy. But whichever they use, you have to remember that they make an impact. So, no matter how simple you think your discourse is, think about how others perceive your thoughts. You don’t know where your words can go and what kinds of people will believe them. Speak responsibly.

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