Any type of personal experience essay will start with the particular event selection. Creating personal experience essay is an exciting process and the main focus of this essay is your unique personality. There are several ways to go around writing this type of essay. First is to depict an story or experience that made your laugh. The second is to present a story that has changed you as a person and you became wiser in many ways. You can describe the event in your life that you are proud of and you have benefited from. Or you can describe a personal experience that was a true challenge for you. Depict how you were able a chance to have a personal growth in your life.

In these both examples your main goal is to stay objective. If you find yourself to get emotionally involved in the essay you are writing that means that you have already lost your objectivity. Try writing it all out with the focus on your personal feelings and emotions and then get back to real essay writing.

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