Every essay or another college or university writing assignment starts with basic choice of a writing topic. If you are being give a specific topic then you have to prepare all the necessary materials and present them in your written assignment. If you are in a position where you have to choose the topic personally for your perfect essays, then you should spend some time and do some research in order to choose the best topic to describe in your essay.

So, in case the topic has not been assigned to your assignment, you face unlimited number of topic choices. How would you make a selection? What topic is mostly beneficial to write about? As you brain thinks over a variety of topic, you will find yourself going around a huge number of ideas that will all look attractive to you. Yet, you have to calm your mind and to use unprecedented logic.

If you are still stuck in the topic choice, you can determine or see what is the main purpose or goal of your writing assignment. That will help you to form a list of related topics. Shortlist them going down to 3 major topics interesting for yourself. And start the writing process.

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