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Nursing research paper topics

Pediatric nursing topics for research paper 

it is a field that ensures the provision of acute care to children and youngsters. Here is a list of some interesting topics for a nursing research paper

  1. anxiety disorders in adolescents
  2. ethics for pediatric care
  3. does social media implant eating disorders in children
  4. oral health
  5. speech disorders and their relevant therapies in children
  6. impact of obesity on child mental health
  7. what causes seizures in infants?
  8. Sleep disorders in pregnant females
  9. Causes of stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases
  10. Causes and treatment of the bipolar disorder

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Nursing research topics on women issues 

From inadequate sanitation facilities to gender-based violence, women globally face severe issues that demand immediate control measures. Here I am going to unfold a few nursing research topics on women issues

  1. Adoption rights for same-sex
  2. Femicide
  3. Should abortion be made legal globally
  4. Is abortion a right of a female
  5. What causes irregular menstrual cycle, and what are the possible treatments
  6. Moral and ethical issues regarding contraception
  7. Pregnancy and its complications
  8. Causes and symptoms of premature birth
  9. Premature birth and its impact on child development
  10. What causes ovarian cancer?

Mental health research topics for nursing students 

Mental health relates to the social, emotional, and general well-being of an individual. let’s have a look at some of the mental health research topics for nursing students

  1. Does exercise help reduce mental stress
  2. What causes anxiety disorders?
  3. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD’s) and their treatments
  4. Does poor mental health lead to eating disorders?
  5. What causes depression in an individual?
  6. Schizophrenia: onset and symptoms
  7. Relation of PSTD’s and self-immolation rates
  8. How does improved mental health help to lower suicide rates?
  9. How can you tell if an individual had borderline personality disorder?
  10. The connection between HIV and mental health

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Nursing research topics in pain management

Pain management is a process of evaluating your pain which helps you treat a wide range of pain-related issues. Here is a list of some captivating nursing research topics in pain management

  1. Managing visceral pain through drugs
  2. How can you manage pain?
  3. Pain management in dermatology
  4. Inculcation of pain management research into nursing practice
  5. How is cognitive hypnotherapy used to manage pain?
  6. How to manage pain in disabled children?
  7. A guide to counter a significant side effect of chemotherapy: Pain
  8. How do painkillers help in pain management?
  9. Managing acute pain post-surgery
  10. How to manage pain in hemophilia?

Child nursing research topics

Child nursing is looking after young ones, including young adults. Let’s have a look at some of the child nursing research topics

  1. Importance of vaccination in children
  2. Pediatric endocrinology
  3. Difference between pediatric and non-pediatric nurses
  4. The vast literature of pediatric nursing
  5. Why is it vital for pediatric nurses to stay up to date with the latest technological advances
  6. Pediatric critical care
  7. Role of pediatric nurses in child welfare
  8. What do nurses know about pediatric skincare?
  9. Pediatric nurse practitioners and their responsibilities
  10. How does noise pollution damage the pediatric intensive care unit environment?

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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