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Literature Research Paper Topics

Selecting a literature topic and creating an outline of a college research paper is not plain sailing. Hence, we have put together a list of topics that will help you get started.

British Literature Research Paper Topic

Looking for interesting topics in literature? Check out the list below:

  • Facts and myths about William Shakespeare’s personality.
  • Discuss the variant cultural influence witnessed in British literature.
  • Utopian civilization: compare thoughts of different British writers
  • Female writers in British literature: Consider Agatha Christie as a case study
  • Discuss the common gender issues highlighted in British literature.
  • Role of British writers and the revolution printing press brought about.
  • What shades the Victorian period left on the contemporary literature in Britain.
  • The class of Charles Dickens in character building.
  • Three witches in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the role of supernatural.
  • Summarize selecting some of the most legendary British Literary work during WWII

Early American literature research paper topics

Below are some great American literature topics to write about:

  • Compare the two: African Influence & Realism.
  • The depiction of Native American Indians in Early American Literary work.
  • The idea of Individualism in historical American Literature.
  • The poetic elements in American literature during World War 1.
  • Analyzing the core reasons why detective novels got extremely popular in the 19th century.
  • Debate by drawing comparison between Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” with Martin Luther King’s “A Letter from Birmingham Jail.”
  • The portrayal of gender identity and sexuality in early American Literature.
  • The Importance of childhood in early American Literature
  • How Religion was portrayed in early American Literature.
  • How Bryant’s influenced Abraham Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation.”

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Latest English British Literature Research Paper Topic

Looking for some interesting topics on the latest English British Literature? Here is a list for inspiration:

  • What it takes to be ranked literary classics list. Analyze whether Harry Potter can reach that pedestal.
  • The British society has an interesting general acceptance for short stories. Discuss.
  • Are British books highlighting the real problems and providing solutions for society?
  • The portrayal of romanticism in British Literature.
  • Difference between the early British literature and the present-day literary work.
  • Compare the pros and cons on the impact of message or information passed to the readers and the society through literature.
  • Role of British Literature in the development of the society.
  • Compare two critically acclaimed famous characters in different British novels.
  • Elaborate on the primary reasons why several books stand tall as literary classics.
  • Discuss the benefits people derive from ancient British publications.

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World Literature Research Paper Topics

Here is a list of world literature topics for the research paper:

  • How positively literature impacted modern culture?
  • Discuss western literature as the fundamental constituents of modern culture.
  • Feminism and the contemporary literary work.
  • Contemporary literature and the homosexuality theme.
  • Utilization of psychology in literary work?
  • Five major social issues have been exposed by literature in the past.
  • Discuss the influence on the mid-west literature from the European cultural history.
  • Poetic literature contribution to other forms of literature.
  • Literature VS culture. Discuss cause and effect.
  • Don Quixote: build an assessment of the personality.

Controversial literature topics

Looking for some controversial literature prompts? Here is a list:

  • The abortion debate is an integral part of modern literature.
  • How to address the theme of abortion in literature
  • Literature promotes outdated cultural values that events have overtaken.
  • The portrayal of sex in literary materials.
  • Are gender roles exploited in the literary work?
  • Romeo and Juliet a mere fantasy story? Analyze.
  • How far is too far for comedy in oral literature?
  • Feminism and the contemporary literature.
  • How to handle the Ethnicity issue in literature work.
  • Who should censor literary materials used by students?

The range of topics listed above is sure to help you save time crafting your research paper topic. So, choose the one that interests you the most and get started!

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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