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Law Research Paper Topics

As a student, you will be doing a lot of writing tasks from time to time. It means that you start by thinking of an exciting topic to write a conclusion paragraph for a research paper. To make this entire process worthwhile and stress-free, you need to choose a subject carefully.

If you need a legal topic, there are several issues that you should consider. They range from business to environmental laws and from criminal to constitutional laws. In case you don’t want to go through all of them, you always have the option to pay for a research paper online. But if you’re looking for law research paper topics, this article lists some prompts.

Law enforcement research paper topics

  1. What are the impacts of police perception on public safety?
  2. Should eyewitness testimonies be accepted in court?
  3. How do drug courts affect people with addictions, like cannabis or heroin?
  4. What are the effects of solitary confinement on prisoners?
  5. How should law enforcement officials deal with illegal drug smugglers?
  6. How does the criminal justice system use body cameras to watch over the police’s activities?
  7. How can a person defend himself or herself from false accusations?
  8. How is due process deprived for people in marginalized communities?
  9. How is using sniffer dogs for police purposes considered a violation of animal rights?
  10. What kinds of biases exist in mandatory minimum sentences?

Criminal law topics for research paper

  1. How is the war on drugs related to race in the United States?
  2. How can the state undo the harm of wrongful convictions?
  3. Is self-incrimination considered a privilege?
  4. What are the dangers on privacy or public safety posed by government surveillance on citizens?
  5. Is identity theft a modern crime?
  6. How can the law break the connection or stereotype on drug abuse and crimes?
  7. How does the media influence people’s perception of criminal justice?
  8. What laws should be implemented to protect people from cyberbullying and cyberstalking?
  9. When is capital punishment justified?
  10. Who takes care of the prisoners’ children? How do they foster relationships with their parents?

International law topics for research paper

  1. Why should people know international law?
  2. When should international criminal court intervene?
  3. How should international law deal with organ donation or trade on black markets?
  4. How does international law protect children from inter-country adoption?
  5. What are the impacts of international law on abortion in different countries?
  6. How can international law help in the COVID-19 pandemic?
  7. What are the problems with code-based ethics? What should be done to improve them?
  8. How should international law regulate cyberbullying and cybersex trafficking?
  9. How are the international laws and relations affected by morality?
  10. How can international law settle island or territory disputes?

Constitutional law research paper topics

  1. Should the government regulate people’s speech on the internet?
  2. How does freedom of the press affect court proceedings?
  3. How does filming police officers impact their duties to the public?
  4. What should the state do to protect whistleblowers?
  5. Should transgender people be banned from the US Army?
  6. What are the impacts of the Muslim Immigration Ban?
  7. What changes should be made to cybercrime laws?
  8. How will mental health awareness and insanity plea affect court judgments and sentencing?
  9. When is self-defense considered a crime?
  10. How does the mass media influence prominent cases?

Environmental law research paper topics

  1. How has the global environmental law changed over the years?
  2. What waste management system should countries with a high economic level follow?
  3. What is the importance of environmental law on the health of future generations?
  4. How does environmental law regulate the increase of online shopping transactions?
  5. Should plastic bags be banned?
  6. What rules should be made regarding transboundary pollution?
  7. How should environmental laws regulate recreational poachers?
  8. What are the effects of environmental regulations on protecting wildfire and natural forestation in your country?
  9. Should the ivory trade be legalized?
  10. What can the environmental laws protect the endangered species?

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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