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How To Write Reference In Research Paper

Are you currently in the situation where you have to make a reference page for a research paper? It can pose a serious challenge. Every paper has to end with a list of all of the references used. The major benefit is that you will be making yourself safe from the issue of plagiarism.

Before you take a step and try with Google “how to write reference in a research paper” or “how to do a reference page,” and you will find a lot of help. However, to save your time, here are some steps that you can follow easily to prepare a formal and well-written reference.

Please note that there are several styles of referencing. Regardless of the type of style, these core components are going to be there.

  • The author of the article
  • Date of when the article was published
  • Title of the article
  • Source of where the article was published

However, referencing is not this easy. You will always have to write it in the formatting style as mentioned before. Whether it is MLA, APA, or Harvard, you will always have to include more details. So if you are told to write your paper in MLA and are wondering how to write a reference in a research paper, worry not! You are at the correct research paper help place. Here are the steps you must follow to tackle each referencing style separately.



  • Write down the surname of the author.
  • Give the title of the work used.
  • Write the name of the source where the paper was published. It can be a journal, a collection of essays, or a website.
  • Include other contributors as well, such as an editor.
  • Mention the version or edition.
  • Mention the volume or issue number.
  • Name the publisher.
  • Write the publication date of the article.
  • Give the paper’s location, such as a page number, URL, or DOI.


This is the simplest style. You will be lucky if you are asked to write a reference list for a research paper in APA style.


  • Start by mentioning the name of the author. If there is more than one, do not skip any one of them.
  • Next, mention the date. In most cases, you will only find a “year.” This is fine.
  • Provide the title of the research paper.
  • State the source from where the research paper was published.



  • Begin by mentioning the surname of the author.
  • Mention the year in which the work was published.
  • Next, mention the title of the paper.
  • Mention the name of the journal that the paper was published in.
  • Write down the page numbers, volume, or edition.
  • Mention the URL or the DOI to find the article used.

Reference Page Example for Research Paper

If you are still confused about the whole “write a reference list for a research paper” or “write a reference page for a research paper,” then here is a sample for you.

Reference Page Example for Research Paper

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