How To Write Essays Fast

Write an Essay Fast Is Not an Easy Task

Essay writing is one of the most daunting tasks that a college student might get. Most essays are time-bound. College professors give short deadlines to students, and most students panic. It is important to remember that writing your essay within one hour is not an easy task.

Try to remain calm while writing the essay, but never take it too easy. Students who take their fast essays for granted regret later on. They end up ruining their assignments and receive poor grades. The work is done in a short time, like your fast essay, always requires the utmost attention. You must be working in a place free of all distractions.

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Tips On How to Write an Essay Fast

This article will shine light upon some important tips on how to write an essay fast. That might help you write excellent essays in less time.

Plan your time

Whenever someone asks me how to write an essay fast, I always tell them to plan their time. Students’ biggest mistake while writing their essays is that they start the essay without allocating separate time for each task. For example, if you are given to write a great essay in 30 minutes, it is advisable to manage your time accordingly.

Try to spend 5 minutes researching the essay and create a rough draft. You might spend 15-20 minutes on writing the essay, and finally 5 minutes proofreading. This way, you won’t spend too much time on one part of the essay and will easily complete it in the given time.

Read your essay question carefully and then answer it

Since you are already on a time crunch, the margin for error is very thin. Before writing an essay, try to make sure that you read the essay question and the prompt very carefully. If you fail to understand the question, you might write a completely irrelevant essay. As you realize your mistake, you won’t be able to rewrite the essay in the given time.

Also, if you don’t understand the question completely initially, you might have to circle back to the question again and again. This will make you lose precious time that you might not have. Just reading the question for one minute might help you understand the entire question, and you won’t have any ambiguity in the writing process.

Avoid unnecessary research

When it comes to essay writing, research is vital. If you are a student and given an essay to be completed within one hour, don’t spend extra time on extensive research. Try to keep it on point so that you might complete the essay in the given time frame.

Concise research will help you stay on track so that you don’t divert towards any unnecessary argument, which will take up a lot of extra time. Sometimes it’s best to choose a topic that you are already familiar with. This will lessen your research time, and you might be able to meet the given deadline.

Spend 20% of your time outlining

An essay outline holds great importance in the writing process. Before writing the essay, try to spend 20% of your time constructing the proper outline. This will give you a clear format on which you can base your essay. The most common essay outlines include the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion must be short, and they must be captivating for the reader.

The body paragraphs are the heart of the essay. They contain all the necessary arguments that act as the backbone for the assignment. Make sure that each paragraph in the main body is connected with the thesis statement of the essay. This will make an excellent impression in front of the professor, and you might receive a decent grade.

Write down the key sentences of every paragraph before starting the draft

Think of this as giving a heading to each of the body paragraphs. Instead of going back to the research every time, you can look at the heading and write the entire argument. This will save a lot of time, and you would write a long essay fast. Some students think that this might be time-consuming, but it’s quite the contrary.

You will realize that you saved a lot of time, and the writing process got a lot easier. Ensure that you delete the heading of each sentence before submitting the essay; otherwise, it might leave a bad impression on the reader.

Make the introduction and conclusion solid

The first impression of your essay must always be the best one. Try to make the introductory paragraph as catchy as possible to be motivated to read the entire essay. Always use strong vocabulary, and avoid any silly mistakes.

It might be important to remember that the introduction and conclusion must be 20% of the entire essay. Writing a long and hefty introduction might kill your essay and take it to the lowest ranks.

Write as you mean it

If you are given enough time to write the essay, never write faster. But if you have less time, increase your writing speed by a significant factor. The fact that you’ve been forced to write the essay in such less time might make you hate the topic even more than you already do. But keep a clear head so that you might avoid any screwup in the writing process.

Writing faster does not mean that you compromise on the quality of the essay. Suppose you think that a greater typing speed is making you prone to mistakes, seek expert help. Writing services are always there to make your life easier in assignments. Dedication is the key to writing fast essays.

Always stay motivated towards your goal, and avoid anything that off tracks you from the writing path. While writing, try to find something that is different. Everyone will be writing the same old boring things, and for your essay to stand out, you have to think outside the box for a while.

Avoid unnecessary breaks

We all know how much students love taking breaks while working. Breaks are important, but when the stakes are this high, never go for unnecessary breaks. Bathroom and dinner breaks are justified, but other small things must always be kept aside after the essay submission.

Students who take long breaks find themselves in crucial positions towards the end of their essay deadlines. Thus, in a hurry, they ruin their entire essays. Remember that every minute counts. You have to optimize your time so that the essay does not become a burden on your mental health.

Stay on track

The thesis statement is one of the most important things in the essay. You have to make sure that you don’t go off track and add up unnecessary information. This will take much time, and you will find yourself unable to complete the essay on the given deadline.

A wise student will always return to the thesis statement and eliminate any vague arguments in the essay’s outline. The more focused you are, the greater are the chances of a successful essay.

Be consistent

Lastly, always remember that consistency is key. Students can easily panic when they are given such short-timed essays, and they might give up. Always stay strong and never lose confidence in yourself.

Try to calm yourself during these difficult times and test your ability to work even harder. You might soon realize that the essay was never that challenging.

Essay writing is not difficult, but when students are given a time constraint, they panic. Try to make the most of the worst situation and give it your best effort and work even more challenging when the stakes are high.

Writing Essay Within A Day: Follow Optimal Schedule to Write An Essay Fast

The schedule below shows how you can divide your time when you write a fast essay in 1 day. This plan might differ for everyone, but you should always make a schedule beforehand. Allot this time in deciding on the essay topic.

Choose a topic that best fits your liking so that researching on it might not become that big of a problem.

9 am – 9.30 amAllot this time in deciding on the essay topic. Choose a topic that best fits your liking so that researching on it might not become that big of a problem.
9.30 am – 11 amWrite a plan and outline of your essay (breaking it into mini-essays).
11 am – 11.45 amWrite down your introduction.
11.45 am – 1 pmResearch quotes and references to back up your arguments.
1 pm – 1.45 pmLunch break.
1.45 pm – 6 pmUse this time to write your arguments.
6 pm – 6.45 pmDinner break.
6.45 pm – 10.30 pmEdit, improve, and meet the word count.
10.30 pm – 11 pmPrint (if needed) and get everything ready for the morning.
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