How to Write an Essay in One Hour

Writing an essay is a challenging task, especially if you are in a race with time. Many students might even face situations where they need to complete their essay in an hour. Howsoever challenging a task may be, you still need to ensure that your essay is up to quality and submitted on time.

Understanding the question

How to write my essay in 1 hour? A question you might have asked yourself several times during your student life. For me, the answer is simple: gaining a good perspective of what the problem is asking. Reading an essay question is one thing, but understanding it to the fullest is another. It does not matter if the requirement is a one-page essay or a two; understanding the question first will always be to your benefit. Sometimes, your teacher happens to let you choose the essay topic yourself. If this is your situation, rejoice! Now you can easily pick a topic to write on.


Sometimes, you ask yourself, ‘how to write an essay in an hour? The deadline of sixty minutes makes this work even more difficult. However, this does not mean you stop planning for your paper. The first thing you need to acknowledge before is your day’s schedule before writing your essay. Make sure the day you choose does not have any important events or occasions coming up. You probably would have to miss out on your social plans of the day.

So, it would be better to select a day for your work, so that you won’t have to excuse anyone on short notice. Planning might take up a little extra of your time, but trust me, it is worth it. After crafting a clear plan of action, you can write an essay fast. You will not face any obstacles like writer’s block during your writing, and your work will flow smoothly simultaneously.


How to write an essay in an hour? A question students often struggle with. In my opinion, if you want to write essays fast, make sure that your working space is clear. Tidy desk, tidy mind. A beneficial quote that several students often ignore these days. When your working space is clean, your mind focuses on a single task, writing the essay.

That is why many institutions, educational and professional working, emphasize their workers always to free up their working stations. It results in significant productivity, whether it is learning or working. So, it would be great if you already have a clear desk around your house, but if you don’t, you can always clean up the desk yourself by following a few tips mentioned below:

  • Put a trash can nearby
  • Remove all the garbage
  • Clean your working station at the end of every day
  • Stop lunching on your desk
  • Stockpiling of supplies should be avoided
  • Organize your drawers

Follow all these tips exactly, and there is no way you can’t finish writing a paper in an hour or even less.

Eliminating distractions

If you want to write a one-page paper quickly, the best policy would be to remove all the distractions in your proximity. Your results are the product of either personal focus or personal distractions. The choice is yours. That is why we always suggest students make sure that their surroundings do not have things that could distract them easily when they are about to write a two-page essay in an hour. To ensure that you perform distraction-free work, follow the essential tips written below:

  • Make a to-do list – Write a list of possible distractions in your house and how to evade them.
  • Switch off-alerts – Constant incoming notifications on your device can easily distract you from your goals. Be smart, to turn them off.
  • Noise cancellation – Use earphones or headphones to remove the surrounding sounds to better focus on your work.
  • Better environment – Your proximity matters a lot. So, whenever you are about to write a two-page essay, make sure your surroundings are optimal—for instance, a library or your room.

The part is removing the distractions when working plays a vital role, especially when writing essays. Although many students directly jump into the writing phase and forget about the distractions in their surroundings. However, now that you know all the steps, you won’t encounter any problems while writing.


An outline is of crucial importance. Without an outline, there are little to nill chances of you completing quality work. The outline isn’t only necessary for lengthy essays. Whether you are about to write a one-page essay or a two, an outline will always remain significant. Several of the students try to evade the outline work thinking of it as unimportant. However, that is not the case. An outline is like a map to your essay. It helps you keep track of where you are going and that you don’t deviate from the topic.

Proofreading and editing

To write is human; to edit is divine. Never submit your work without proofreading and editing, as it might consist of errors. Even the smartest of writers can commit omissions in their essay writing. So, take no shame in editing your work and after that, proceed towards the submission process.

How Many Pages Can Be Written In an Hour?

An average person can almost write two pages which make up to six hundred words per hour and 300 words per page. Most of the time, many of you might even face overwhelmed when having to write a single page within an hour. If this is your case, do not worry. It’s entirely normal for some people to have trouble writing their essays fast.  

Recommendations for Fast Writing an Essay

How to quickly write an essay?

A question everybody asks, but only a few possess the skill. Anybody can write an essay fastly, but not everyone able to write fast with high quality. It takes ages for people to master this skill. Luckily, below are written some of the best suggestions through which you can write an essay quickly:

  • Make sure you write in a peaceful environment, away from distractions
  • Silence your inner critic and write in a flow as you are in a race against the time
  • Make sure you aren’t sleep-deprived, as it would significantly distract you in essay writing.
  • Ask your home mates not to disturb you while you’re on it.
  • Make sure there is nothing wrong with the work arrangement. For example, if you have to typewriter your essay, your laptop or PC should be in good order.
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