How to Write an Essay About COVID-19

Catchy Titles for An Essay About Coronavirus

Now that you are asked to write my essay on this global situation, let’s start with the most crucial part. An engrossing title is the first step in making your essay irresistible for the readers. Nail this part and consider it half the battle won. In this era where people’s attention spans are getting shorter, make the first impression a lasting one. Do not settle on a mainstream topic. Spruce it up and add a twist. People will be more likely to read the same piece of content if it is presented smartly. Below are a few examples of topics that you can take inspiration from, or feel free to be creative!

  • Making the best out of this new normal
  • New normal, new us
  • Living the unexpected lifestyle
  • COVID-19: We are all in this together!
  • The comfort zone we are leaving behind
  • Understanding the effects and limitations of the new virus
  • Lifestyle now vs. then. Is there any going back?
  • The effect of coronavirus on the digital divide
  • Everything students need to know about this pandemic
  • Covid-19 and economy
  • Coping mechanisms in this lockdown
  • Will we ever fully recover from this pandemic?
  • Effects of Coronavirus on the sports industry
  • How is working from home affecting nuclear families?
  • The link between this lockdown and depression among teenagers.

Starting a Coronavirus Essay

An essay about coronavirus is a type of essay writing that requires extensive research and preparation beforehand. The data keeps changing and becomes unreliable quickly. You will need to get your hands on the current trends and patterns. Draw a connection between the previous research and theories of scholars. Then write this all in an outline before you start crafting your final piece. This will allow you to put everything cohesively and eliminate the chances of missing out on important details.

Outline writing

With all your research and brainstorming done, could you put it in a logical format? Your outline should contain the main sections of your COVID-19 essay. Make sure to include a title, an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. The introduction should also have a thesis statement. The main body should have at least three paragraphs. The conclusion should be precise with the encapsulation of the main idea. Here is an example of how you can do it effectively:

Topic – Adjusting your lifestyle to the new normal

  • Introduction- A brief background information, along with relevant statistics and the significance of your essay.
  • Thesis statement- Last two sentences of the introduction.
  • Main body
    • Para 1- Introduce a new point, provide an argument. Support with evidence. Link back to the thesis statement.
    • Para 2- Introduce a new point, provide an argument. Support with evidence. Link back to the thesis statement.
    • Para 3- Introduce a new point, provide an argument. Support with evidence. Link back to the thesis statement.
  • Conclusion- Reinstate the purpose

Tips Concerning Writing a COVID-19 Essay Introduction

  • Make critical reading your best friend before writing the introduction
  • Read and read the assignment requirements. Are you writing to describe, analyze, evaluate or list?
  • Your introduction should approximately be 10% of your word count. For example, if you are writing a 1500-word COVID-19 essay, your introduction should not exceed 150 words.
  • Do not forget to write a thesis statement. A key tip is to get it checked by your instructor before moving forward.

How to write body paragraphs?

Depending on the length of your essay, include at least three body paragraphs in your main body. Start by creating a topic sentence presenting the main point for each of these three paragraphs. Ensure it aligns with the thesis statement. Introduce your evidence which should comprise of 2-4 sentences.

You can use statistics or any significant detail from a reliable source.  Next, establish a connection between your topic sentence and the piece of presented evidence. End with a concluding sentence.

If you are to write a 1000-word essay about COVID-19, this means 100 words for your introduction and conclusion each.  Divide 800 by three, and you get approximately 266 words for each of the three paragraphs in the main body. Between each paragraph, use transition words like accordingly, hence, consequently, consequently, however, and others to ensure a smooth structure flow.

How to Write Conclusion for an Essay About Covid 19

Conclude your essay on coronavirus by reinstating the purpose of your writing. You can also include the significance of your work here. What is the takeaway that you intend the readers to get? Again, calculate the 10% of your total word count and do not exceed this limit while writing this section. Ensure that everything is aligned and cohesive.

Finalizing Essay

Your coronavirus essay in English is now close to an end. However, never make the mistake of submitting it before incorporating these three practices in your writing process:

Essay Revision

Here, deal with the organization of your work. How well have you targeted your audience and the focus that you have maintained throughout your essay? Bring any changes that you think are necessary at this point to enhance the flow and cohesiveness in your work. Check the outline you created for all the important details. Ensure you are not missing out on anything significant.

Essay Proofreading

Tackle your surface errors while doing this. Check your work for any possible grammatical or spelling mistakes. Read your essay for the big picture and try to see how your readers will interpret it. You can also utilize grammatical correctives software like Grammarly. Check it through a plagiarism tool to ensure your content is unique.

Make Citations

Depending on the formatting requirement of your assignment, include the references in your work. These are the links to the previous articles, journals, and other sources you have utilized throughout your work. This will help you gain the highest possible marks and maintain the credibility of your work. In an essay like this, where the research and quantitative research make up a crucial component, presenting it to your readers is essential.

Short Example of a Covid Essay

Let’s look at an example of a well-written and organized essay on Covid.

an essay sample about covid 19
An Essay Sample About Covid 19

Understanding the effects and limitations of the new virus

A year and three months have elapsed since the first-ever case of COVID-19 presented itself in the city of Wuhan. It is tempting to assume that as of 2021, almost everyone on the planet’s surface discerns the infection as a potential threat.  Not only to their activities but also their lives. However, if that was the case: if everyone had a firm grasp over their situation, why would the ill stack atop one another every passing day? Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. The virus spread to every corner of the world, taking millions of lives.

It isn’t as simple as to merely acknowledge something’s existence that will allow you to mold it to your liking. To comprehend exactly why things have been out of our control, you must understand how the virus spreads across populations. Covid transmission occurs via respiratory droplets exhaled by someone who has already contracted it, either by inhaling or by contact. Those that contract the disease commonly showcase a series of symptoms. These include fever, dry coughs, and tiredness. Some other symptoms that demand imminent medical attention include shortness of breath and chest pain. You are much better off maintaining sanitation, patience, and social distancing. The affected must be kept in total isolation until they no longer remain ill.

Of course, they may never get any better. 2.67 million people have already succumbed to the hazards posed by the disease. 121 million, as we speak, are locked in isolation in rooms within their households or hospitals. Does their sacrifice make it safe to take a stroll in the park? No. According to research, 17% of covid cases are asymptomatic. These are ordinary people who traverse the streets, inundate the markets, and utilize public transport.

Despite being able to effectively lessen the probability of contracting it by heeding well-known measures. It is not like they aren’t a strong blow to the quality-of-life people have become so accustomed to.

A degradation of people’s physical health Isn’t the only concern. Research shows that stress levels in humans have faced a notable increase in the disease. This is most commonly a result of isolation and fear for themselves as well as their loved ones. We’ve observed a general deterioration in mental health and elevated suicide risks. The companies indulged in the economic sectors are cornered with no way out but to oblige to the strict implementation of said limitations. These limitations themselves have shown to have drawbacks. The global economy has had a knock-on effect and continues to plummet. International and national businesses alike have suffered tremendously. Public, religious, and sports events have undergone cancellation or a postpone.

Simultaneously, countless people refrain from complying with these regulations. You will still likely find a handful of people not wearing masks when you step out of your residence. It won’t take too long to see crowds of people lumped together either. You realize why the numbers keep increasing and that the only thing you can do is ensure your safety.

With all of the guidelines and examples mentioned above, you should be all set to tackle an essay independently. Do not forget that you can only master this skill with patience and practice. Good luck!

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