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How To Write A Thesis For An Informative Essay

Want to craft an exceptional essay? No matter what type of essay you’re writing, make sure it contains a robust thesis statement. A strong thesis statement wraps up the main idea or argument and sets the direction of an essay.

Steps To Write A Thesis Statement For An Informative Essay

Are you wondering how to write a thesis statement for an informative essay? Well, here are five steps to help you craft a perfect informative thesis statement.

Restate the idea in the essay prompt.

You always start an essay with a general statement, rephrase the essay question or prompt, and then comes the thesis sentence. You must ensure that the statement contains the idea of the essay. If your essay is about the human impact on biodiversity, the informative essay’s thesis statement should summarize the effect of human impact on biodiversity. Make sure to support your ideas with facts or evidence.

Brainstorm Ideas. 

Write down as many ideas as you think of before you finalize your thesis statement for an informative essay. For instance, read about biodiversity and the impact of human activities on it. Do these activities have a negative impact on biodiversity? If yes, what can humans do to help biodiversity? When you are done with your research, pick at least three effective solutions/reasons.

Make it clear and non-controversial.

When writing a thesis statement, make sure it is clear and gets right to the point. If your essay is purely informative, it should summarize the ideas and facts you will be discussing. Make sure the facts you will state should prove your ideas or argument. Remember, a thesis statement is broad yet factual. It indicates to the reader what will be discussed in the body. 

For instance, a thesis statement of an informative essay on “The Impact of Humans on Biodiversity” may look like this: “The human population growth and unsustainable resource use are the major threat to the planet’s biodiversity.”

The statement is direct and factual. Moreover, it indicates that the essay will be discussing the threat of human activity to biodiversity. Nevertheless, if you feel stuck, and there is only one thought on your mind: “Who will write a thesis for me?” don’t hesitate to ask a professional for help.

Adopt a position.

Your thesis statement must show if you are in support of it or not. If you think there is a solution to the negative impact of human activity on biodiversity, state it in the thesis. For instance, you can extend the thesis statement mentioned above by adding:

“However, these effects can be minimized by making some basic changes such as recycling/reusing, reducing the use of pesticides/fertilizers, and buying organic food.”

These informative thesis statement examples are sure to help you come up with your own. Remember, if you mention a few solutions you will discuss in the body, it will make your thesis even stronger. Plus, it will showcase your position on the issue; how you view it.

Add emphasis.

The steps mentioned above will help you craft a powerful thesis statement. However, if you want it to jump to the next level, tell the reader how your views or information contrasts with other people. To do so, use transitional words such as in fact or reality. For example, “Although several people don’t think if their lifestyle is a threat to the environment, in reality, it is the opposite.” (and, then, you can add the three reasons/solutions mentioned above).

So, make sure you keep these steps in mind when crafting a thesis. These examples of thesis statements for informative essays are sure to help you write a robust thesis.

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