How to Write A Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis statement represents the main idea or purpose of penning down your essay. It sums up everything in the essay and usually comes towards the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. To create a thesis statement, you must keep in mind the following factors.

What is a Thesis Statement❓

It consists of the gist of the argument you wish to present. When looking at your essay, a reader would instinctively search for an abstract or the main idea behind your essay. Additionally, it provides the answer to the question the research paper intends to explore further. There are different steps involved in writing a compelling thesis statement.

⚜️ Step By-Step Guide on Writing an Effective Thesis Statement ⚜️

If you are particularly searching for how to write my thesis, you have landed on the right page. We are about to list down all the steps required to develop a good thesis statement. It is always a good step to first brainstorm all the ideas and jot them down on a piece of paper for beginners. Some of the good ways to start a thesis statement are:

  • To pin down exactly what you wish the reader should know;
  • To compose it in a single sentence;
  • To write it at the end of the first part when you have built up the context around it;
  • To present a direction to the rest of the essay.

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you organize your thoughts and ideas effectively:

1️⃣ Write Down a Thesis Question

If you write down a statement, it will not appear as appealing as a question would. Take the main idea of your essay and turn it into a question. For example, if the essay’s main idea is ‘rising obesity,’ you can create a question around it.

Main Idea: Rising Obesity

Thesis Question: ‘How is rising obesity causing psychological problems?’

Once you have developed the right thesis question, you can now brainstorm the relevant question’s answers.

2️⃣ Brainstorm the Answers

Find out different answers to the questions above. ‘Rising obesity is a cause of concern, especially in office-goers who are tied to their work. The growing bellies hurt the overall health. It lowers self-esteem and makes you insecure. Media programs show glamorous models with ideal weight, which makes you feel less beautiful. It results in eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.

3️⃣ Pick up an Answer

Once you have brainstormed different answers, it is time to pick and choose the answer that suits you best. For instance, in the above scenario, where the thesis question was:

Thesis Question: How is rising obesity causing psychological problems?

Answer: Rising obesity lowers self-esteem

4️⃣ Present Best Reasons for your Answer

To create a strong thesis statement, you now should revisit your brainstorming session. Ask yourself what all the possible reasons for rising obesity are. Pick at least three of the answers you devised earlier and add them to your main thesis statement.

Thesis Question: How is rising obesity causing psychological problems?

Answer: Rising obesity lowers self-esteem. It causes eating disorders, insecurity, anxiety, and depression.

This kind of detail will help you shape up the content you wish to write in the essay.

5️⃣ Bridge the Gap between the Ideal and Real World

The thesis statement is almost complete, but if you wish to take it to the next level, you can easily add two or three steps to it. Mention how your point of view is contradictory to other comments and people’s points of view. Use intensifying transitions to emphasize your main idea. You can add that in reality, this happens, but a general myth around this fact is different. For instance, in the above case, you can say that:

At the outset, obesity can cause growing bellies and waistlines, but in reality, it has a far-reaching impact. It can cause insecurity and low self-esteem that is damaging to the mind, body, and soul.

Examples of Good Thesis Statements

For your convenience, we have shared some of the best thesis writing examples. You will be able to understand better the difference between a good and a bad thesis statement. Here are a variety of examples for various kinds of statements:

Argumentative Thesis

If you are wondering how to create a strong thesis, you should know the different thesis statements. It presents an argument and emphasizes both sides of the story. Suppose you have found data that suggests that frozen and processed foods are bad for health. Then you can present your argument with the factual evidence you have, but there are both sides to the story. It can also be said that processed foods add convenience and bring relief to busy people’s lives.

Moreover, processed foods are not preserved using harmful chemicals. In an argumentative essay, you have to present an argument when discussing the rest of the paper. It then presents the argument, which is further explained in the essay.

❌ Example of a Bad Argumentative Thesis

A bad argumentative thesis does not present any support or evidence. It only states your point of view. An example of a bad argumentative essay is as follows:

Homeschooling is a valuable option for children. During hot summer weather, children are required to attend school, which can cause illness and problems.

This argumentative thesis doesn’t present any evidence and mainly suggests that year-round schools are not a good option which is not true in reality.

✔️ Example of Improved Argumentative Thesis

An improved argumentative thesis state fact and is based on some evidence. If you mention the facts clearly and present your argument in that light, it will add value.

Schools help reinforce learning by maintaining a calendar and offering short breaks. These breaks help the child in taking some time off work to rejuvenate their mind and soul. As per the latest stats, around 70% of children prefer going to year-round schools because of the summer and winter breaks and more organized learning.

Expository Thesis

This type of statement exposes the reader to a new topic, presenting new information. An expository essay has a strong thesis statement that revolves around a fact.

❌ Example of a Bad Expository Thesis

The thesis statement that doesn’t present the information correctly is known as the bad expository thesis. You don’t need to develop an argument but only logically present your fact. A bad example of an expository thesis statement is:

  • The habit of reading books increases knowledge and intellectual capacity.
  • Sleeplessness is the root cause of depression and anxiety

Both these statements do not present new information and are not backed by any factual evidence. This is a bad example of an expository thesis.

✔️ Example of Improved Expository Thesis

In an example of a good expository thesis, the reader presents new information. For instance:

  • Remotely working is the new norm, as around 30% of corporations worldwide prefer to work online.
  • Suicide cases are on the rise during the pandemic. Joblessness is recorded as the main cause behind the crime, besides other reasons.

A good repository thesis statement leaves the reader thinking about how to get more information.

Analytical Thesis

An analytical thesis is one of the most common types of thesis statements. It is used more commonly in literary research papers where the writer has to discuss the characters, plots, and symbolism in the novel in more detail. It helps create a more in-depth analysis. In an analytical thesis, you are asked to break down the topic and process to interpret the data and analyze each point.

❌ Example of a Bad Analytical Thesis

A bad analytical thesis example comprises statements that are not reflective and do not set the stage for you to analyze. For instance:

Catherine Earnshaw of Wuthering Heights compares Heathcliff to its surroundings

In this analytical thesis statement, the writer doesn’t show how Heathcliff is compared in the novel. It is neither specific nor setting the stage for further discussion, interpretation, and information.

✔️ Example of an Improved Analytical Thesis

The same example, as mentioned above, can be stated differently. In an improved analytical thesis, the writer can concretely present ideas. Taking some information presented in the novel, the writer can show how exactly Heathcliff is compared, which can later be backed through analysis and interpretation.

For instance, in the above example, instead of writing Heathcliff is compared to his surroundings, the writer can exactly show what Heathcliff is compared to:

 Catherine Earnshaw of Wuthering Heights compares Heathcliff to the wilderness of moors

The writer can further elaborate on why the author of Wuthering Heights compared Heathcliff to moors’ wilderness.

⚠️Important Points to Keep in Mind in Writing a Thesis Statement

The best way to write a thesis statement is to keep in mind a few important points. Here is what you should consider before sitting down to write:

  • It should be specific and concise;
  • The thesis statement should set the stage for the rest of the paper;
  • It should appear at the end of the last sentence of the introductory paragraph;
  • The introductory paragraph can build the context;
  • It is either a fact, point of view, claim, or opinion;
  • Understand the purpose of your essay before writing your thesis;
  • Try using the active voice to catch the reader’s attention;
  • Know the topic and study it well;
  • Brainstorm ideas for your thesis statement;
  • Start writing your thesis and then shortlist the one you like the best;
  • Make sure your thesis statement is a true depiction of what your entire essay is all about.

We hope this guide on how to write a thesis statement will help you deliver quality content. Identify the kind of essay you plan to write to develop good strong thesis statements and base your research on it.

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