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How to write a research paper introduction

What is a Research Paper Introduction?

You are not here by accident. By now, you might be wondering where to buy a research paper urgently. Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to start a research paper intro. Or, it could be because there are some things you don’t know yet. You do have to understand what it is composed of and how to write one. This article can help you have a better understanding of your task.

A research paper introduction sets the tone of your entire output. It is where you state the topic, give background information, and present your thesis statement. If it is effective and engaging, it will make the readers continue reading your work. Therefore, you have to capture their interest right away. Because of this, introductions are very crucial. So, it would help if you were intentional and serious in writing it.

What to include in a research paper intro?

Learning how to write an introduction for a research paper can be challenging. So, some students buy college research paper to be free of this concern. But if you don’t have the means, listed below are some tips that can help you.

Provide the readers with context.

Not all readers may be familiar with your topic. They will have a better comprehension if you give them background information.

State your topic to the readers.

It should be clear to the readers what the topic is. However, refrain from starting your paragraph with, “My topic is about…” or any similar beginnings.

Note why it is relevant to them.

It would help if you communicated its relevance to the readers’ lives right at the beginning. People tend not to be interested in something that does not affect them.

Give your claim.

Your claim, or commonly referred to as the thesis statement, is the most critical part of your project. Your teacher can already identify the flow of your output based on reading the thesis statement alone. Your thesis statement should be an argument, not a general fact.

Present your specific goals.

It is best to include the goals in the thesis statement so that the readers can keep track of the subtopics as they go along.

Example of a Research Paper Introduction

If you are still confused, nothing beats an example. Below is an example to give you an idea about how it looks.

Are you aware that almost everyone on Earth has at least one or more social media account? Ever since the rise of the internet, people’s lifestyles and communications have significantly changed. With the uncontrollable increase of contents, interactions, and activities on the internet, it is inevitable to witness netizens expressing opposing opinions. Sadly, this extends even to school communities. Students often use their social media accounts to share their stories and interact with their friends. Without the guidance of adults, they are more prone to experience bullying from others. This paper aims to demonstrate that cyberbullying affects the students’ academic performance, interpersonal relationships, and mental health, so schools should also consider giving sanctions for this offense.

Depending on the kind of output, a research introduction can be longer than the example above. However, it already exhibits all the necessary elements. It has an interesting hook, background information, and thesis statement. If you want to pay for essays online and have a better one, you can avail yourself of custom essay writing services.

Some people tend to have difficulties writing the beginning. Since humans have a limited attention span, the introduction can make or break the interest of readers. In some cases, the given tips above may not be helpful at all. But, some writers tend to write it better once they have entirely composed the body. It allows them to have a deeper understanding of the topic. This way, they can write a compelling output that makes the readers more interested.

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