How to Write a Reflective Essay about Your Family

Reflective Essay about Your Family

The main purpose behind writing a reflective essay about one’s family is to acknowledge the efforts and help one has gained from their family members. In fact, such a paper is not a mere storytelling of events that have taken place in family contexts, neither is it a description of the personal attributes of each member. However, it should relate the significance of one’s relationship with their family and its positive impact on them, which could be illustrated through real examples from one’s own experience with family issues and situations. Such a paper reflects the role of family in life. So, below is a guide on how to write a perfect essay.

How to start

  1. Jot down the immediate ideas that come to your mind about your family. Those notes will save you the effort of overthinking.
  2. Write down any significant event or situation that have fortified your ties with your family members. Yet, you could just write the ideas in the form of titles so that you expand upon them later on.
  3. While you are still mind-mapping your ideas about the topic, take note of the most important family members who you think have offered you a lot through your life.

How to write introduction and thesis statement

  1. Once done with brainstorming, one could move on to the general introduction. Family falls under the umbrella of social relationships. So, it could be reasonable enough to start off with some lines about the importance of such relationships, mentioning neighborhood, friendship, until we get to family where we will land.
  2. The thesis statement is the immediate step that comes just after the general introduction. Here, I should decide about the characteristics I am going to shed light on for the reflection on my family. For example, financial help, moral support, and personal improvement.

How to compose body paragraphs

  1. You should make a decision about the order of your ideas if you would like them to be distributed by order of importance. For example, if you would like to start with the financial support that your family has offered you, then you should put that element in the first body paragraph.
  2. Do not forget to illustrate your ideas with examples, which could draw on the events and names you have already thought about while brainstorming.
  3. Unless you have only one important family member, do not restrict your ideas only to the significance of one member, otherwise, you would fall into a mere description.
  4. Events where your family was there for you are important as a proof of how crucial one’s family is. But, the focus should not be solely on the events or you will be only recounting family events and adventures.
  5. Be at the center of attention in your reflective essay. That is to say, you should perceive the role of your family in making you who you are today. You should always refer to yourself to maintain the thread of ideas.

How to finish the essay

  1. State the main elements of the body in a concise way without getting into details. All the main ideas of the body, which also make up the thesis statement, should be present briefly in the conclusion.
  2. Make sure that you do not expand too much upon the ideas you summarized in the conclusion.
  3. If your aim is to hold sway over the reader, then you could make a call to action, such as a proposition to keep strong ties with family members, especially with parents, and to take care of them because they are of great importance to one’s life.

Tips on revision

  1. Grammatical revision is indispensable. It should be done with scrutinizing eyes so that you make sure that your essay is grammatically correct.
  2. Contextual revision is of equal importance, thus, it is advisable to make sure that the ideas about your family are all contextually relevant – mere recounting of events may create a descriptive context.
  3. Formatting should also be revised. It is something that you could do as you go, but a final touch is always necessary to avoid incongruity, especially if you are using a specific style such as the APA.

Outline sample


  • General background
  • Thesis statement: specific elements


  • Paragraph 1 (Financial assistance): importance of the role of parents
  • Paragraph 2 (Moral support): the significance of my sister’s efforts
  • Paragraph 3 (Personal development): the contribution of all family members


  • Brief summary of main ideas
  • Call to action.

Reflective essay about your family (Sample)

No one can deny that having a family is a gift. It might not be the truth that all the people live with their family members or see them daily, yet it still has a positive impact to even hear their voice or meet them every now and then. My family is the source of my happiness and self-realization. Family has countless benefits in one’s life. If I am to talk about my family, I think that there is no getting away from acknowledging their financial support, moral help, and their efforts for my continuous personal improvement.

My family members, mainly my parents, have always been there for me when I needed them. Actually, I always remember how they provided me with enough money to buy my necessary needs and to pay for my college fees. I have never felt that I am inferior to my friends; whenever we went out, I always had enough money to pay for what I ordered. It is something that I appreciated on the part of my parents. They always wanted me to look good, so my mother used to insist that I buy new clothes and accessories. Shopping with my parents is fun. They always brought me more than I really needed. My parents have always supported me financially even at their expense. I still remember when my mother refused to buy a new pair of shoes for her just to buy me a leather jacket that I liked so much.

When I think about the moral support that I have got from my family, I feel indebted to my sister, in particular. She is only 2 years younger than me, but she is wise and intelligent. She has always shown me the right way when I am clueless. She gave me hugs when I felt down and advised me once I had no idea where I was heading to. The emotions and psychological comfort my sister gives me are amazingly special, as they motivate me to study and make the best out of any situation and opportunity.Years ago, we used to share the same room, so we spent great moments. Having a sister like her is the best gift I have ever had. When I feel lonely, I just call her, and she never hesitates to visit me and make me smile. She is so close to me; her presence in my life is indispensable.

All of my family members have contributed to the continuous improvements in my life. I should admit that thanks to them, I have acquired the ability to use visualization. My mother has always talked to me about how she sees me in the future. She pictured me as a successful person in her mind, which is the image that I have adopted from her. It motivated me to work harder on my dreams and attain my educational and professional goals to realize that mental picture of success. Apart from that, my siblings have given me valuable pieces of advice that helped orient me when I was in two minds about something. I am proud to be part of such an amazingly fabulous family that provides me with wisdom, joy, and understanding. My father has always told me his opinion on my personal choices; I appreciate his valuable advice because it helped me shape my personality in a correct way.

By and large, family is the backbone of one’s life, as far as I am concerned. When your family is there for you, you could get support at the financial, moral, and personal levels. Only through difficult moments of life one could come to terms with how important having a family is. Simply put, family is priceless; one should never cut ties with their parents and relatives.

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