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How to Write a One Page Research Proposal

Writing research proposals is a tricky task for beginners. Well, no need to worry now. We are here with some tips and tricks on ways to write a fantastic one-page appeal to get your project going!

Writing a One Page Research Proposal?

Don’t just dive into writing a one-page research proposal. Understand that beginners always need help with a research paper.

Understand the Things You Want to Address

When an individual goes over an appeal, several things come to their mind. More often than not, if these hows and whens remain unanswered throughout a one-page research proposal, it is rejected, and all your effort flushes down the drain. Answer the following:

  • What is the purpose of the appeal?
  • How do you plan on approaching the issue in your 1-page research proposal, and which methods do you want to use?
  • How will this entire task benefit the interests of the sponsoring party?
  • What will be the impact of this project on the surrounding communities?
  • What work has been done by others on this topic?
  • How is your work distinguishable as compared to those already existing in the field?
  • How will you collect and show the results?

Understand the Outline

Work on an outline before you write a 1 page proposal for the research paper.

  • Come up with a title when you write a 1-page proposal for research paper;
  • State the objective of the paper. Writing a 1-page research proposal thesis requires you to give details of everything you’re planning to do along with the purpose;
  • Give background information with a short description. State why you want to dive into the matter and the solutions it can bring;
  • Write about the expected results of the project in your paper. Find valuable facts and figures for this part.

1-Page Research Proposal Example

Title: Investigation Capacity in Wellbeing Librarianship


  • To distinguish critical needs and obstructions for inquiring about advancement in wellbeing librarianship.
  • To pick up agreement on critical questions to be included in a national study to improve wellbeing librarianship.

Justification of the proposed project:

This center’s point gathers to recognize critical issues relating to the engagement with investigating wellbeing curators with investigating and in specific, their thought of inquiring about improvement within their professional practice settings.

The existing healthcare framework is based on responsibility, cost control, and quality of care; essential to accomplishing these is integrating and applying sound, dependable inquiry about and thus the hone and conveyance of proving based understanding care. The improvement of investigation about capacity goes hand in hand with an inquiry about and improvement exercises. The Division of Wellbeing proposes that building investigate ability will be accomplished basically through the application of collaborative practice models.


The focus group’s fundamental reason is to reach an agreement understanding that can illuminate a national survey overview’s advancement. The center bunch comes about to create the overview, which can then be sent out to a large agent test gather of wellbeing custodians working within the seven diverse settings of wellbeing librarianship identified.


The project will allow professionals to find the actual barriers that hinder health librarianship and gather the public’s opinion on it as well through the survey. A more practical solution can be drawn from such findings to benefit masses of people rather than smaller groups.


With the help of this newfound information, start working on your proposal and get that project approved!

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