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How to Write a 5 Page Research Paper?

A research paper is a literary piece that aims to provide an interpretation, analysis, and argument based on intensive research. These assignments are designed to assess your writing skills as well as your command of scholarly research. Follow the steps below to ace your 5 page research paper.

How To Write a Research Paper?

Here is a step-by-step guide you need to follow to prepare a research paper confirmed to impress the readers. Another way you can learn how to do it professionally is by seeking research paper help online.

Step 1: Pick a topic

Now that you have been assigned to write a 5-page research paper, it is time to choose a topic. For starters, it is advised that you write your research paper on an issue that genuinely interests you and something that you are passionate about. With that said, do remember to check the scope of the topic.

Step 2: Research

Take your time to find enough material on the topic you have chosen. When you have to write five pages, you must have enough sources to quote in your work for supporting your thesis statement and stance.

Step 3: Create an outline

Whatever you have researched so far, sort it systematically. Create an outline containing all the main sections of the paper, like the abstract, introduction, methodology, and so on.

Step 4: Write

It is time that you put your notes to work and give the ideas a formal structure. You can always come back and write a new draft before finalizing.

Step 5: Edit for content and grammar

Now that you are done writing, do not forget to go back to the start and proofread your work for possible errors. These mistakes can be grammatical or spellings or structural.

Step 6: Submit your paper

Recheck for requirements and finally submit!

How Long Does It Take to Write A 5 Page Research Paper?

There is no formula to get a standard answer for a question like this. The hours you need to spend on 5 page research papers vary depending on external factors. These include the complexity of the chosen topic, the required research methods, your writing and organization skills. Nonetheless, the average time you can keep in mind is 48 hours. Do not make the mistake of writing your entire paper in just one sitting. Take breaks not only while writing but also before proofreading and editing.

How Many Sources for A 5 Page Research Paper?

 Again, there is no rule regarding it. Usually, a good rule of thumb is to use one source per page, so if you have to write a 5 page research paper fast, include at least five sources. Nonetheless, quantity varies depending on perceptions. If you do not have enough citations, readers might interpret that you failed to do proper research. If you have a lot of references, you might give off the impression of lacking originality. A safe way is to clear the requirement by your instructor before getting started.

With all of the instructions above, you are all set to write a 5-page research paper on your own. Take out enough time to do your research before you jump into the writing process. Remember, regardless of the length of your assignment, you follow the same structure for a research paper.

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