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How to Start a History Research Paper

Writing research papers is a skilled job. No matter how many times you have written them, it always feels like your first time. So, have you been assigned a history research paper? Not sure how to start it? It’s normal. Starting any assignment can be a little challenging unless you know the proper steps to follow.

Four Steps to Follow to Start a History Research Paper

If you wondered how to start a history research paper, you’re at the right place! We have crafted four crucial steps for a perfect writing process.

Pick a topic

Choosing a topic is probably the most crucial step. To do so, first determine the general area of your interest. Are you interested in writing about the civil war? Or do you intend to write about the Great Depression? You can’t just write a research paper on it without narrowing down the topic. So, what particular area of civil war or The Great Depression are you more interested in?  For instance, you can choose to write on “The Role of Herbert Hoover in the Great Depression”. If you can’t make your mind what topic to choose, search the topics online. The United States history research paper topics are available on several educational websites. 

Reading and gathering sources

Once you have picked the topic that interests you the most, it’s time to do some reading. The more you will read about the topic, the better you will be able to generate arguments. Also, make sure that you keep track of the sources when you are doing your research on the topic. This will help you in the end when you would be creating a bibliography. Most importantly, you will be able to support your arguments and ideas with these sources’ help. 

Create an outline

Based on your research and prep work, create an outline. Jot down key points, including your ideas. This outline will help you stay on track once you start writing. Also, when we are reading and researching, several ideas or arguments come across our minds. Jotting them down will help you incorporate them where needed. 

Formulate a thesis

Once you have crafted an outline for your research paper, formulate a thesis statement. Doing so will help you control the direction and development of the entire document. Hence, take your time to write a well-defined thesis statement.

Writing an Introduction for a History Paper

Now that you are all set to start your paper, make sure you are aware of the following points:

  • You can begin in the middle: If you don’t know how to start the introductory paragraph, write it later. Since you have crafted your thesis statement, commence with the body that revolves around your thesis. You may also write a rough draft of your introduction and come back to edit it. 
  • The first sentence is essential. Therefore, start with a hook to draw in the reader.
  • Include your thesis statement that you have written earlier at the end of your introductory paragraph.

Writing a history research paper is indeed a little challenging. But, with the steps mentioned above, you are going to ace it.

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