Before you start writing a descriptive essay, these are the facts that you should keep in mind to make your descriptive essay look best. Descriptive essay involves making a strong accent on your personal observation. Yet, how to start a descriptive essay? The description that you provide as an author must strictly focus on the subject. The description subjects are one person, certain event or experience, particular and unique place of attendance, past memory, etc.

Start with identifying a personal perception of the perceived experiences. The best way is to describe something you have personally observed, experienced or perceived. Imagine as if you have something that you are eager to tell about to your readers. If you succeed, the readers may believe that they experienced that on their own. A standard descriptive essay is unwrapped around senses like sight, smell, sound, texture, touch, taste. Focus on providing more vivid detailed description. Conclude with relating to main idea of the writing. Be inspiring and create a sparkle of light in the readers’ heart.

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