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How To Rewrite An Article Without Plagiarizing

The first thing that students need to learn is that plagiarism is that it is when you pick an article and copy all the ideas, languages, and vocabulary entirely. To avoid plagiarism problems, we have listed down a few steps to rewrite an article efficiently.

Understand an Article

To rewrite an article without plagiarism, you need to understand it clearly. Read it a couple of times and make notes of the things you feel the need to modify. You can create entirely new content once you understand the reference text.

Use Your Words

Start writing your text by using your words and language from scratch. Rewrite the article in your own words and introduce one or two ideas related to the topic by yourself. Once you’re done writing, revise every bit of your paper thoroughly and make necessary changes that can be traced to the initial text.

Take Care of Grammar

If you want to produce an outstanding piece of writing, grammar becomes the crux of the entire paper. When you rewrite an article to avoid plagiarism, don’t think you can put grammar in the back seat. Language rules still apply and matter the most. A single comma can change the meaning of your sentence!

One has to pay close attention when it is about an article rewrite. Focus on the sentence structure and the synonyms of every significant word in the text. You can’t repeat anything from it. If you feel rewriting is a challenging task than you anticipated, or you’re short on time, then hire a rewriting essay service and make your life easy.

An Ultimate No Plagiarism Writing Guide

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