You wonder how to use quotes in essay, search no more. We are eager to share with you how to quote in an essay. Quoting passages in books, magazines, etc, essays, research papers and other articles is determined by two major points. First is the appropriateness belonging to the passage you wish to quote which is highly important. The second is choose the main idea of your paragraph that will reflect the whole subject concept and to incorporate the quotation.

Additionally , there are a minimum of two fundamental rules that you need to pursue remember when you are putting sentences directly from your source for instance a book to your writing composition. One, you must put the proper citation at the end of the direct quote. Two, you should always place quotation marks in the beginning and at the end of your quote to indicate out that the phrase within your paragraph is actually taken out from a different source.

It is vital to make note of that your quotation for your direct quotes should stick to the citation format required by your teacher. It is also important that you should thoroughly select the quotes you want to incorporate into your essay or essay. You have to make sure that each direct quote is highly relevant to your paragraph’s main idea or main subject. Otherwise, your quoted line will make your argument, discussions or research vulnerable and weak.


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