How To Do A Title Page For A Research Paper

After spending countless hours writing the perfect research paper, most students are too tired to focus on the small things that matter. Making a catchy title page is one example where students become careless and have a compromised format. To make sure that you produce a flawless article, keep reading through the tip on writing a paper title for a research paper.

Title page in APA style: Requirements

Every style has its demands and requirements. As a freshman, there is a long way to go and make your hands dirty with numerous assignments before getting an expert at making a cover page for a research paper. Most students put all their focus on providing relevant content. It is important to have authentic material, but you have to consider all the requirements. Many students forget to stick to the writing style, which gives off an unprofessional impression on the examiner.

Go through the checklist of your assignment, and it is here where you will find the writing style you have to adopt. Usually, your cover page in a research project in college will follow the APA pattern. APA is the American Psychological Association, and just like any other style, this pattern has its own set of requirements. Let’s begin with the font. With margins set at one inch, your entire font must be size twelve. You want your article reader-friendly, and that is why your font style has to be readable. To make the first page of the research paper attractive, students use decorative writing styles. This has adverse effects on your paper’s quality as the reader has to go the extra mile to read and understand the sentences.

The line spacing in an APA format must be double spaced, and this rule applies to the whole document, including the front page of a research paper. In some cases, you may choose the headings as you can write them with single or double space unless specified by the authorities.

Capitalization is the key. It shows the importance of keywords. Typically, every word of your heading is capitalized. When you make a title page, it is wise to place your heading at least one-third down your first page. Try to keep it simple and brief, but it is okay if the heading is long. Do not fret over adjusting the title in one line, as you can allocate two lines for your heading if required. Simultaneously, it is always a good idea to keep abbreviations and wordiness at bay when making up a heading.

No matter how outstanding your craft is, it will be a waste of resources if the examiner cannot locate who wrote the article. This is why individual details are a fundamental part of your cover page. Once you are done writing the title for research papers, you have to state your name and relevant ID. Do not forget to write your complete name along with initials. In college life, there are many instances where you get group assignments. Under such circumstances, you need to jot down all participants’ names separately.

Stating the institution name on the research paper cover page is a must in APA style. If you sought help from a university candidate, you can write the names and mention the university later. If your project team is from different institutes, you must state every member’s name and the institute’s name separately. Centralize your text, set up a header with page numbers, and you are good to go.

Always remember that your title page must be clean. Try to follow the instructions very precisely without missing out on any detail. The title page is the first part that your professor glances at. So the first impression must be the best one.

Always try to recheck for the format issues because the cover page might get affected while writing.

APA Title Page Example

Here’s the sample for the APA title page:

APA Title Page Format
APA Title Page Format

Cover Page in MLA Format: Requirements

MLA is a different writing style practiced widely. It stands for Modern Language Association, and it is used for subjects related to humanities. If you receive such an assignment, it is a must to follow the standard MLA writing style. The title page in MLA format for a research paper contains the same basic information with slight changes in the format.

Beginning with the header in MLA style, it has to be an inch from the top. Put down your name and your teacher’s name on the title page. Add your institute’s name, the project’s date, and the course name at the top left of your first page. The top right corner in the header is reserved for your last name and sheet number.

Even though the writing styles are different, they do share their fair share of similarities. For example, the heading on a college research paper’s title page is at a distance of one-third from the top. In the title, you will capitalize on all the important words, just like APA style.

Below the title comes your name, and if you are working with a friend, you will state the names of all project members. You may use conjunction, coma, or write it in the form of a list.

Do not let the text reach the bottom margin. There must be sound space between your bottom line and the margin, and to achieve this, you will write the name of your class, the section, and the course on the top line. In the following line, you will state your professor’s name, the date, and the remaining relevant details. Use the typical roman font in your title for research papers to keep it simple and readable. The font size must be twelve, not too big, and not too small for the naked eye. Never put periods after the title. This rule applies to both APA and MLA style and general grammar as well.

In MLA, keep a double space between the heading and the beginning of the text. After setting all your margins to one inch, you can now finally align your cover page for the research paper. Centralize the whole page to make the article presentable. You can also press Ctrl and E simultaneously to align the title page centrally.

MLA Format Research Paper Title Example

Here’s the format for the MLA title page:

MLA First Page Format
MLA First Page Format

And here’s the real example for the MLA title page:

MLA Title Page Example
MLA Title Page Example

Just like different subjects, writing styles have distinct requirements. You must know both APA and MLA if you are to survive college with flying grades. Do not worry if you cannot get hold of these formats, as you can always rely on PerfectEssay and get professional help with research papers.

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