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How To Cite A Thesis

Doing citations is one of the most tedious processes you will do when writing your thesis paper. You will use several references to finish your essay, and you must never forget to cite them. Otherwise, it will be counted as a form of plagiarism. You don’t want your panelists accusing you of plagiarism on the paper you worked hard for during your thesis defense. There is more than one way to do citation properly. It depends on you, the article you write, or whatever your class requires. Here are the most common citation types and how to use them properly when you write your research paper.

Citing a thesis using different styles

When you buy a thesis online, sometimes, citations are lacking, and you have to do it yourself. Here are different ways to properly cite sources that you can use for your research paper:

Cite a Thesis in APA Style.

The first type of citing a thesis is called the APA that stands for American Psychological Association. You can use this type of citation for in-text and for your references list. Here is how to cite a thesis in APA format.

To use this citation for your references list must be under these conditions:

  1. It should be on a separate page at the last part of the document.
  2. List the authors alphabetically by the first name.
  3. Its format alignment should be center.
  4. Contains all the details used for your in-text citation.

In-text citations are used when you’re using a direct quote or paraphrasing the original author’s work. To use this citation, you must have the author’s surname and the Year of publication inside a parenthesis after the quote.

Citing a thesis in MLA Style

Another citation style most commonly used for thesis writing is MLA which stands for Modern Language Association. Like the APA cite thesis, it also allows you to quote in-text and your references list. There are some key differences in formats between these two citation styles.

Here is how an MLA format looks like:

Last Name, F.M, Title. MA/MS/Diss. Name of University. Year Published. Web. Date Accessed.


Adams, Joe L. A Walk-Through Combinatorics: Introduction to Enumeration and Graph Theory. Diss. St. Thomas Aquinas University. Web. 26 Mar 2021

For in-text citation using MLA, the critical difference includes the author’s last name and a specific page number where you paraphrased or got the direct quote.

Citing a thesis in Chicago Style.

Paying for essays is reasonable when you are struggling with writing. But why pay someone to do your citation when you can easily do it on your own. Another style of citation you can use is Chicago. One thing to remember when using this style is that unpublished work appears in quotation marks.

Here are the formats you can follow when you Chicago style citation when you get your references in a publication, in a web page, or from a research database.

Sample format:

  1. Last, First M. “Thesis/Dissertation Title.” Ph.D. diss., or Master’s thesis, Academic institution, Year.
  2. Last, First M. “Thesis/Dissertation Title.” Ph.D. diss., or & Master’s thesis, Academic institution, Year.
  3. Last, First M. “Thesis/Dissertation Title.” Ph.D. diss., [OR] Master’s thesis, Academic institution, Year. Database name (accession number)

There are several ways to cite a thesis, and with these options, you must not forget to do it. Citing is very important because it shows that your research paper is backed up with credible data. Of course, you want your readers to know that your data is accurate and valid. The improper use of citation can make your work be accused of plagiarism, and you don’t want that. When in doubt, don’t forget to cite!

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