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How To Cite A Research Paper In APA Style

Formatting and citing a paper is as important as writing it. But, many students fail to use citations correctly. And, this is what makes them lose marks. Therefore, we have crafted a brief guide to help you cite an APA-style research paper.

APA Research Paper Format

Every research paper requires certain formatting. And, following the correct formatting guidelines is important if you wish to obtain great scores. APA formatting style is one of the most common styles that students in the United States use. But, many students mess it up because they get confused while citing some sources and formatting the entire paper.

APA Style Research Paper Citation Guide

Are you required to cite and format your research paper in APA style? Not sure how to do that? Well, just like you have an option of paying for essays, you can also get help for citing and formatting. But, if you want to do it by yourself, follow the steps mentioned below:

Choose the right font.

When writing an APA style paper, you can opt for basic font styles such as:

  • 11-point Arial
  • 12-point Times New Roman
  • 11-point Calibri

Some institutions require a particular font for all assignments. Hence, check with your instructor before finalizing the font.

Check the line spacing.

Make sure your research paper has double line spacing from beginning to end. Also, ascertain that you do not add additional space after completing the paragraphs. This means no extra line space between paragraphs. 

Set the margins.

Make sure your page margins are set to 1″ on four sides of the page. These tiny details may make you think about where can you buy a research paper. But once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do it in minutes.

Create the correct headers. 

Your page numbers should be in the right corner of each page. As a student, you are not required to add anything else in the page headers. 

Don’t forget to indent.

Indentation is important when it comes to APA style formatting. Make sure you indent the first line of every paragraph to 0.5 inches. But remember, the abstract is an exception. 

Example of Citing a Research Paper in APA Style

Are you required to format and cite in APA 7th Edition? Don’t know how to cite a research paper? Here are examples of in-text research paper citations:

  • If you want to mention the source of your information at the end of a sentence, make it look like this: Internet addiction is prevailing among urban adolescents (Hopkins, 2002). When you’re not quoting direct material, there is no need to include the page numbers.
  • When quoting another work as it is, make it look like this: Internet addiction is prevailing among urban adolescents (Hopkins, 2002, p.34) or (Hopkins, 2002, pp. 34-35). For a single page, the abbreviation “p.” is used, and for more than one page, “pp.” and an en dash between the numbers are used.
  • If the work you’re citing has more than one author, the citation will look like this: (Hopkins, Jones & Lee, 2001) or (Hopkins & Lee, 2019).
  • Want to use direct work? This is what the citation should look like: According to Hopkins (2019), “easy access of wireless internet is one of the reasons for internet addiction” (p.17). Or, Hopkins (2001) found “internet addiction is associated with depression and other mental illnesses” (p. 99). Or “Internet addiction is associated with depression and other mental illnesses” (Grisham, 2001, p. 99). Remember to use quotes when using direct material.
  • If your quoting’s direct work is long, start the quotation from a new line without quotes. And indent the entire paragraph to 0.5″ from the left.

An APA research paper format is no rocket science. When you get yourself acquainted with it, you will be able to do it seamlessly. And, this guide is sure to help you do that.

An Ultimate Research Paper Writing Guide

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