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How to Ask Someone to Be on Your Dissertation Committee

You are finally approaching the final stages of your doctorate. By this time, you ask how to cite a dissertation or add finishing touches to your paper before the big day. It is now time to gather your dissertation committee. These are the people who will help you through the process of reviewing, editing, and revising your paper. Choosing a dissertation committee member is essential because they have huge roles to play in your paper’s success. The big question is, who are the people that you should include in your committee, and how do you get them to join? Here are some quick tips on how to ask someone to be on your dissertation committee.

Steps on how to ask someone to be on your dissertation committee

Do your research

It doesn’t matter if you buy dissertations on academic writing services or write it up yourself. The members of your committee should be closely relevant to your field. You can make a list of esteemed dignitaries in your university then narrow them down. After which, could you do your research about them? Gather some background information about the professor. Is his expertise aligned with your course study, and if so, can he valuable input and criticism on your dissertation. All the professors you will choose from are remarkable and excellent in the respective field but select the one you and your paper will benefit the most.

Ask formally

Don’t just barge in your professor’s room unannounced and ask him if he wants to be part of your committee, like asking a friend if he wants to go for lunch. You can send an email request to the dissertation committee member. If you’re going to have a face-to-face conversation with your professors, you can ask for an appointment at their earliest convenience. Showing such efforts can be a strategy to get them to say yes to be a member of your dissertation committee.

Accept their answers

Whether your professor says yes or no. Accept them graciously. Your professors also have a lot on their plate, or maybe somebody beat you to it. Either way, show the appreciation that they made time to meet you and listen to your request. That is why it is also crucial that you start early to find your committee members if a professor rejects your request. It is better to be ready than panic at the last minute.

Always be ready to answer questions

Some professors are hard to get. They want to test your knowledge on the research paper you made. Be prepared to answer their questions. Imagine how impressed your professors are if you can answer their queries. It means that you are ready for your defense and show that you know every inch and corner of your dissertation.

Also, there are times a professor would ask why you would like to work with them. It comes in handy when you have read some of their previous work and tell them how beneficial it would be if they agree to be a part of your committee. Avoid using colorful words. Go straight to the point. And when you get a resounding yes, formalize it by sending a dissertation committee invitation letter. It can be viewed as a written contract or a reminder that they are expected to help you with your dissertation.

Be clear on your expectations

It is essential that the members of the committee know to which extent their help is needed. This way, they can help you better and efficiently. You can divide the parts of your paper to your committee members so that their inputs wouldn’t overlap which each other. And when your paper is a success, don’t forget to show gratitude to the people who help you. Prepare gifts for the dissertation committee. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. The gift you give should make them feel appreciated for their time and effort to improve your dissertation.

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