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How Much Homework Is Too Much

Should teachers assign too much homework? It is a debatable topic. While some people argue homework is beneficial for students, others assert that it does nothing but brings stress. However, the truth is, there should be a balance.

How much is too much?

It comes as no surprise that many students feel stressed with homework. And, it is pretty understandable. Who wants to spend hours studying even after school? Nevertheless, to keep an accelerated pace and cover the entire syllabus, teachers are compelled to assign homework. However, learning should be fun, not cumbrous. Hence, teachers should give assignments only if they are purposeful. So, how much homework is too much? 

Well, the word count should not be too much to complete within the given time frame. If students have too much homework to do in a single day, it can deprive them of fun in their life, taking a negative toll on their health. 

How Can Homework Help Learn and Is It Beneficial to students?

Homework may have a bad reputation among students, but it is not as horrifying as students perceive it. It helps teachers gauge how well students can comprehend what they taught them in the class.  It also allows students to develop essential life skills such as managing their time, getting organized, and prioritizing tasks. 

When students are ought to use their logical thinking, research skills, writing skills, and opinions, it improves their independent learning. It not only helps them grow academically, but the skills they will acquire by doing homework will also help them later in life. Thus, homework may be stressful for some students, but one cannot deny the benefits it brings with it. Nonetheless, teachers should be mindful when assigning assignments, as too much homework can result in exhaustion and headaches. Therefore, the negative effects of too much homework cannot be ignored.

If given in moderation, students also tend to enjoy it. On the other hand, it makes sense when they seek Homework help online. It helps them unload that burden. 

Does homework hurt students, and How much should they get it?

As discussed earlier, the effects of too much homework can be detrimental. When a teacher gives too much homework, it may result in poor eating habits and lack of sleep. For instance, students may choose junk as a faster alternative. 

So, is too much homework bad? Of course, it is! Student life is precious. With that, stress and anxiety should not consume them. Students have the right to enjoy their life to the fullest while learning what is necessary. For that reason, teachers should not assign more than an hour of homework. No student should be complaining: I have too much homework to do. They should not be missing out on important life events just because they have assignments to complete.

It is okay to give homework to students, but schools and colleges should set a limit to daily or weekly homework. After all, giving homework will be useless when students don’t enjoy and learn. Too much homework serves as a stressor.

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