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Health research paper topics

Mental health argumentative essay

It is your overall well-being and has an impact on your mood, feelings, and future decisions. Mental health is vital at every stage of development. Following are a few interesting essay topics about mental health: 

  1. Why are so many teenagers mentally unstable?
  2. Is poverty responsible for mental instability among homeless people?
  3. Causes of anorexia
  4. Why do returning soldiers have compromised mental health?
  5. What are the most common phobias?
  6. Are women more prone to mental illness than men?
  7. What effect does parents’ divorce have on the mental health of children?
  8. Effect of mental health on physical health
  9. How can you tell if someone has OCD?
  10. Which age has the highest number of mentally unstable individuals?

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Controversial health essay topics

There may be times when you are required to produce professional articles on contentious and disputed health contents. Such essays can be tricky and demand the choice of appropriate health research topics like the following:

  1. Is it acceptable to legalize marijuana?
  2. Health repercussions of using caffeine
  3. Is it wise to give teenagers access to contraceptives?
  4. Does exercise improve health?
  5. Euthanasia and its related moral jurisdictions.
  6. Is it wise to legalize abortion?
  7. Pros and cons of human cloning
  8. Can a vegan diet and a healthy diet go hand in hand?
  9. Effect of sleep on health
  10. Are e-cigarettes better than traditional cigarettes?

Healthcare management research paper topics

It is crucial to administer optimum treatments for the patients and ensure the optimum healthcare system’s optimum working. Some fascinating health topics for the research paper are as follows: 

  1. Are good human resources vital to the healthcare industry?
  2. Tips for increasing work output of human resources
  3. Impact of appraisals on the output of human resources
  4. Has the global pandemic weakened the healthcare system foundation?
  5. Issues patients face in the administration of a healthcare system
  6. Importance of healthy doctor-patient relationship in the healthcare industry
  7. Qualities of a good healthcare administration
  8. Significance of a good software system in the healthcare industry
  9. Importance of maintaining financial records in healthcare systems
  10. Dealing with a financial crisis in healthcare

Public health science research paper topics

Increasing life longevity and preventing disease is a part of public health sciences. Below are a few exciting topics that will help you to seek research paper help online;

  1. Disease management
  2. Optimum lifestyle
  3. Health imbalance
  4. Health systems
  5. Prediabetes in children
  6. Drug abuse
  7. Consumption of tobacco in teens
  8. Provision of safe water
  9. STI’s and partner abuse
  10. Provision of free medical facilities

Drug abuse research topics

Use and overuse of illegal drugs can lead to drug abuse, and the following are some interesting topics on drug abuse

  1. impact of drug abuse on the human body
  2. drug abuse and deterioration of the nervous system
  3. drug abuse in teens
  4. effect of drug abuse on social aspects
  5. Is legalizing marijuana a wise move?
  6. Drug abuse and its consequences on social conduct
  7. Relation of drug abuse with mental health
  8. homeless
  9. The need to reconsider drug abuse laws
  10. Why is drug abuse considered cool?

Diabetes research paper topics

Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are markedly raised. Research paper for diabetes may comprise of the following topics

  1. Difference between type one and type two diabetes
  2. The connection between lipid disorders and type two diabetes
  3. Albuminuria syndrome and diabetes
  4. The glucose clamp procedure
  5. Insulin-dependent diabetes
  6. Metabolic syndrome in males
  7. Why is there retinal blood flow in diabetes?
  8. Laser treatment in diabetic retinopathy
  9. Insulin sensitivity and secretion
  10. Why is type two diabetes common in young people

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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