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College History Research Paper Example

Many students find history papers way too challenging. So, if you’re looking for an example of a college history research paper, you’re at the right place. You may also choose to pay for essays or papers online if you feel stuck at any point. The professional writing services make sure you submit a well-crafted paper. If you choose to do it yourself, make sure you analyze the sources well and answer the research question.

Example of a history research paper

There is a wide range of American history research topics. However, if you’re specifically looking for an example of a college history research paper, check out below:

The Impact of U.S Involvement on the Stability of Afghanistan

The United States invaded Afghanistan based on War on Terror in 2001. This step was taken with the support of NATO. For about 20 years, the U.S. government legitimized its interventions by naming it as “Operation Enduring Freedom” as well as “Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.” Over 100,000 people in Afghanistan are dead due to these military operations (U.N. News, 2020). This figure does not include security forces personnel. According to Al-Jazeera (2019), over 60,000 military personnel were dead during these years.

Moreover, the United States, as of the fiscal year 2019, has spent about 900 billion dollars on these operations as well as on the reconstruction costs. With this substantial financial cost and the loss of precious lives, the U.S claims that it has degraded the capability of terrorists and decimated the core of al-Qaida’s capacity in the region. Even then, it is seen that the Taliban still have the strength today. According to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford, “The situation is like a stalemate” (Magsamen & Fuchs, 2019).

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Afghanistan, so far, is the most extended dispute in the history of the U.S, and the conflict deserves serious attention. Comprehending the U.S’s achievements and mistakes in the broader context to justify the operations is also paramount for the region’s prospective security situation. On the other hand, Afghanistan has been reconstituted, and its security forces have become an institution once again. Moreover, the economy of the country continues to experience slow yet positive growth. Furthermore, after almost two decades, the allied forces and the U.S have dismantled the operations for most of the parts of Afghanistan. 

However, the barriers are still there to secure long-term prosperity and security in the region. These barriers include corrupt governance, deep cleavages in the political system, and the inability to deliver justice and law (Tellis & Eggers, 2017). Hence, the Afghan economy remains dependent on foreign aids rather than its sources of growth. These significant barriers can lead the Afghan government to a tipping point where the state could be at serious risk.

This is an example of a history research paper introduction. As you can see, it has started with a broad context and is slowly delving into the background information. The rest of the document must answer to what extent these interventions are in line with international law. Moreover, what detrimental effects they have imposed on Afghanistan’s stability. Make sure you develop appropriate research questions. If you can’t seem to complete the entire paper, you may take help from reliable writing services available online.

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