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Environmental research paper topics

Climate Change and Global Warming Topics research paper topics

Greenhouse and other harmful gases are responsible for increasing the temperature leading to a change in the climate. Let’s have a look at some of the environmental research paper topics relating to climate change and global warming:

  1. How does burning fossil fuel lead to global warming
  2. Global warming and the necessity of alternative energy resources
  3. What are the possible adverse effects of global warming?
  4. How do greenhouse gases cause global warming?
  5. How does global warming lead to climatic change?
  6. What effect does climate change have on wooly mammoths?
  7. Global warming and rising global sea levels
  8. An insight into greenhouse emissions
  9. Global warming: a threat to arctic life
  10. Difference between reversible and irreversible energy resources

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Fire and Urban Ecology research paper topics

This phenomenon involves fire to bring changes in the natural ecosystem. Here I am going to unfold a few fires and urban research paper topics: 

  1. How does wildfire affect seed germination?
  2. How does wildfire contribute to land diversity?
  3. Native fire accidents in urban- wildlife regions
  4. Burning of topsoil carbon to restore pastures
  5. Relation between fire and ecosystem
  6. Role of fire in changing the composition of soil
  7. Does wildfire help in restoring nutrients in the soil?
  8. Impact of Hunting on Biodiversity
  9. How to train a wildfire management training community?
  10. Ways in which wildfire can change the dynamics of vegetation

Agriculture and food research topics

Food and agriculture are a vital part of the terrain. This brings us to some engaging agriculture and research topics:

  1. What is biotechnology?
  2. How can we achieve global food security?
  3. The need to have sustainable food production
  4. How can nanotechnology help produce healthier chickens?
  5. Importance of animal breeding in the food industry
  6. Obesity and malnourishment
  7. How can a sedentary lifestyle and overeating lead to obesity?
  8. Binge eating and obesity
  9. Importance of agricultural safety
  10. All about sustainable farming

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Renewable energy research paper topics

The world has become highly dependent on fossil fuels, and being nonrenewable energy resources, it is only a matter of time when nonrenewable energy resources run out. That is why it is critical to seek nonrenewable energy resources as an alternative. Some engaging research paper topics on renewable energy are as follows:

  1. Hydrogen fuel technology
  2. How do renewable energy resources affect the geological business
  3. How can renewable energy resources decrease dependence on fossil fuels
  4. Strategies to develop a renewable energy plan
  5. Pros and cons of fossil fuels
  6. How do fossil fuels damage land topography
  7. All about smart grid technology
  8. The future of hydropower
  9. What is a hydroelectric power plant
  10. Geothermal power stations and their advantages

Environmental Science research paper topics

This field of science amalgamates biological and physical sciences. Now I would state a few engaging environmental science research paper topics

  1. Noise pollution and mental health
  2. Impact of climate change on urban ecology
  3. Importance of renewable and nonrenewable energy resources
  4. A deep understanding of fire ecology
  5. What do we mean by environmental justice?
  6. Basics of conservation biology
  7. Causes of acid rains
  8. Types of pollution and their impact on mental development
  9. Limnology and the negligence of oceanographers towards freshwaters
  10. Why is bioremediation necessary?

Environmental law research paper topics

These are vital to maintaining environmental stability. Let’s have a look at some interesting Environmental law research paper topics

  1. Benefits of environmental laws
  2. Why is an efficient waste disposal system necessary?
  3. Environmental policies about floods
  4. How can environmental laws help reserves wildlife
  5. Why is it illegal to hunt wildlife?
  6. Treaties regarding environmental laws
  7. Conservation of forest
  8. Hazards of deforestation
  9. How does deforestation lead to flooding?
  10. Benefits of GMO’s

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