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Difference Between Thesis and Introduction

This is another great puzzle that confuses most of those who attempt an essay for the first time. The whole thesis vs. introduction comes down to the structure. An introduction is the starting paragraph of your essay. It introduces the idea of your topic to the reader. This paragraph has three main parts:

  • A hook or attention grabber
  • Connections or background information
  • A thesis statement

The introduction serves as a water slide for readers to dive into the realm of the matter at hand. It tells the reader about the essay’s background not to feel lost when going through the body paragraphs.

On the contrary, the thesis statement is not a separate paragraph. It is a part of the introduction itself. It explains to the reader what the essay is about. Imagine explaining the entire outline of an essay in few concise sentences. It plays a significant role in establishing the tone as well as your viewpoint on the topic. Another bonus point of a thesis statement is that it does not let the reader wander away from the subject.

If you are still wondering about the difference, you can buy a thesis paper to check how the introduction and thesis statements are written. Try to see the different sections that make up the introduction paragraphs. In this way, you will know what to include when you are attempting to write one.

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