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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Research papers based on criminology can be very tricky. Deciding on the best criminal justice topics for a research paper can leave you perplexed. Here are some ideas that can serve as the deciding factors. If you are still confused, then do check out a 10 page research paper example.

Criminal law topics for research paper

Criminal law is the most significant that falls under the umbrella of criminal justice research paper topics. Here are ten topics that are related to this section:

  1. Is the principle of criminal law still applicable in today’s society?
  2. The undiscovered roles of Prosecutors and Defense attorneys. 
  3. The difference between causation and concurrence in criminal law.
  4. Should there be any adjustments in the constitution and ultimately criminal law?
  5. What is not constituted in criminal law?
  6. The relationship of federalism with criminal law. 
  7. Who is known as “parties to crime” and their significance?
  8. What are incomplete crimes that are not defined by the criminal law?
  9. Elements of criminal law. 
  10. 10-Penal codes of criminal law.

Criminal investigation research paper topics

Here are the criminal investigation research paper topics for criminal justice:

  1. Are the criminal investigation techniques still applicable today?
  2. Is there any research required in investigation techniques? 
  3. Forensic investigation techniques
  4. The role of IT in a criminal investigation
  5. Process of data collection
  6. The role of police in a criminal investigation
  7. Ethical issues in a criminal investigation
  8. Testimonials in a criminal investigation
  9. Interrogation vs. investigation
  10. Modern criminal investigation

Research Topics in Criminal Justice System

Here are the topics for criminal justice research paper regarding the criminal justice system:

  1. Immigration and criminal justice
  2. Gender and criminal justice
  3. Racial conflicts
  4. Human rights
  5. Role of punishment
  6. Significant principles of criminal justice
  7. Areas that are not covered in criminal justice
  8. Major developments
  9. Illegal interrogation
  10. Role of prosecutor

Research Topics in Crime and Victimization

Here’s the list of some interesting topics relating to crime and victimization: 

  1. Aggression and its consequences
  2. Stress stemming from the mental torture
  3. The rise of cybercrime
  4. Drug abuse and its consequences
  5. Child sexual abuse
  6. Partner violence
  7. Use of guns for force
  8. Court bias
  9. Victim blaming
  10. Brain injury

Controversial Criminal Justice Research Topics

If you are struggling with finding topics related to controversial criminal justice, then don’t worry. We have saved you time and are providing the right help on research paper.

  1. Rehabilitation and ethics
  2. Treatment of law towards the juveniles convicted of murders
  3. Capital punishment
  4. Corporal punishment
  5. Restorative justice
  6. Reformation in Criminology
  7. Rape culture and its effects on victim rights
  8. Police shootings and criminal justice
  9. Death penalty in the modern era
  10. Parole for murder accused

General Criminology Research Topics

Here are a few topics to take inspiration from:

  1. Biological theory of criminality
  2. Sociological perspectives in criminal behavior
  3. Crime vs. criminality
  4. Habitual criminals
  5. Juvenile and crime
  6. Drunk driving prevention
  7. Drug abuse
  8. Street situation analysis
  9. Identity theft
  10. Cybercrime and its implications

Criminal Justice Research Topics on Racism & Discrimination

A few potential topics are:

  1. Racism and public health
  2. Racial profiling and victims
  3. Discrimination in workplace
  4. Types of discrimination
  5. Measuring racial discrimination
  6. Consequences of racism
  7. Justice system
  8. Unfair trials due to race
  9. Crime, media, and racism
  10. Policing racist crime

International Criminal Law Research Topics

Few good research topics are:

  1. Scope of slavery
  2. Measures to prevent piracy
  3. Aggression and its consequences
  4. Legal frameworks to prevent genocide
  5. War crimes
  6. Human trafficking
  7. Gun ownership laws around the world
  8. Crimes against humanity
  9. International court system
  10. International laws

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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