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Business related topics for research paper

The abstract in research paper gives the audience an overview of the central point of your writing. The abstract should be written clearly and concisely. Whether what topic is your paper, it is essential to write an introduction. But if you still have a hard time thinking about your topic, here are some business research topics you can use in your paper. 

Business ethics research paper topics

If you want to explore more on ethics regarding business, here are some business topics to write about:

  1. The importance of having a contract
  2. Does equal work also mean equal pay?
  3. Can you sell a product whose effectiveness is not yet proven?
  4. Is it right to raise the minimum wage?
  5. Why is capitalism terrible?
  6. Moral conflict: When is child labor unethical?
  7. Impact of work confrontations and misunderstandings
  8. Bias among employees
  9. Unpaid overtime
  10. Discrimination between employees

Business law research topics

  1. Is paternity leave necessary? 
  2. Sexual harassment in the workplace
  3. Big data leaks and their consequences
  4. What is copyright infringement
  5. How does piracy affect e-commerce? 
  6. An explanation of working contracts
  7. Business laws on advertising
  8. Analysis of business laws between small, medium, and enterprises
  9. Economic development: An analysis of the enforcement of contract laws
  10. The roles played by copyright and trademarks

International business research paper topics

  1. Trends in the global market
  2. The global pandemic and its effect on the world economy
  3. Where do the financial resources of the world come from? 
  4. The electronic commerce of the world
  5. The role of modern technology to the world economy
  6. The modern barter trades
  7. Advertising on an international scale
  8. Pricing in the global market
  9. Analysis of the leading economies in the western countries
  10. How to be a reseller in an international business

Business management research paper topics

  1. The study behind the funding of start-ups. 
  2. Manufacturing strategies effective for small and medium enterprises
  3. The business reward system: Incentives and who deserves it. 
  4. Ways to keep your employees motivated
  5. Keep your enemies close: Know your competitors
  6. How to manage debt finance of businesses
  7. The importance of having e-marketing
  8. The roles of a business manager.
  9. Business start-up concerns of the 21st century
  10. Effective business management the key to success or failure

Business communication topics for research paper

  1. Business Communication: Internal vs. External
  2. Different channels of business communication
  3. Effective ways of business communication
  4. Practicing controlled emotions for business communication
  5. Feedback as a business communication process
  6. Elements of a business communication
  7. Business communication and its critical differences in small and large enterprises
  8. Business communication: Necessity for clarity
  9. Breaking cultural barriers through effective business communication
  10. Business communication skills

Business intelligence research paper topics

Business intelligence is a broad topic; if you are wondering to pay someone to write my research paper there are hundreds of expert writers ready at your service. But if you want to feel the experience and learn while you do it, here are some business topics regarding business intelligence:

  1. Data analytics and its role in the business
  2. Analyzing product records as a business intelligence
  3. What type of data is collected for business intelligence? 
  4. Best software for business organization
  5. Business intelligence technology
  6. What is a business intelligence
  7. Data mining in business firms
  8. How to ensure business data quality
  9. Analysis of market trends through business intelligence
  10. External data vs. Internal Data

Business proposal topics

  1. Global unemployment: Strategies and solutions to fight it
  2. Leadership skills as a factor for business success
  3. Employee motivation and its relationship with employee performance
  4. Reducing conflicts at work
  5. Categories of labor abuse
  6. The effects of artificial intelligence in the global market
  7. Stock market: Is it a gamble? 
  8. Cryptocurrencies for business
  9. The power of advertisement
  10. Do business and politics go well together?

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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