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Biology Research Paper Topics

Science is an exciting subject. It opens our minds to different unknowns and provides us reasons. Science explains things that are hard to understand, such as creating the universe or when humans come from and how the life we know came to be. From the study of living things and non-living things to why birds fly and what is the bottom of the ocean, there are endless things you can discover through science. Selecting a topic to write about will be tricky, or you can pay for research paper instead. But if you want to enjoy the wonders of science, here are biology research paper topics to narrow the selection process for you. 

Evolutionary biology research topics

Some people are creationists. Some people are evolutionists. There are many theories on the emergence of humankind. Here are research paper topics on biology about evolution: 

  1. Different mutations of humankind 
  2. Sexual conflict 
  3. The evolution of human immunity 
  4. Did humans come from apes? 
  5. A brief analysis of the book “Origin of Species.” 
  6. Why religious people believe a “Master designer makes us.” 
  7. Theories that disprove Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species
  8. What does chromosomal change play in the evolution of a plant? 
  9. Animals of the pre-historic earth 
  10. The truth about the big bang theory 

Marine biology research paper topics

If you are interested in aquatic life, here are some topics on marine biology

  1. The deepest parts of our ocean and what’s in it. 
  2. The study of ecology under the sea
  3. The top pollutant that harms marine life
  4. Gone creature of the deep and why they went extinct
  5. The effects of climate change on the marine life
  6. Megalodon: What if they still exist today? 
  7. Catch selection: Effective ways a fisherman preserves marine life
  8. The role of planktons in the aquatic life
  9. The ocean water temperature and its effects on marine biology
  10. Fresh bodies of water vs. the ocean

Human biology research paper topics

  1. How does human immunization happen? 
  2. The relationship between human genes and depression
  3. Drug overdose and its effect on cognitive processes
  4. The possibilities of human cloning
  5. Changes in hormones during pregnancy
  6. The biology behind dissociative identity disorder
  7. Endocrinology: Reasons behind being diabetic
  8. Relationship between genders and mental health
  9. The natural selection
  10. How are babies formed?

Cell biology research paper topics

In order on how to write research abstract, you must have an excellent topic, to begin with. Here topics you might want to consider on cell biology:

  1. Neurogenesis in adults
  2. Cell: The building block of human life
  3. How cells move around your body, and what do they do? 
  4. How do cells multiply? 
  5. An overview of cell biology
  6. The role of cells in protein transport inside the body
  7. Biotechnology: Advances of stem cell research
  8. Levels of living matters
  9. The vital role of cell theory in medicine and biology
  10. General cell structure

Molecular biology research paper topics

  1. Types of genetic recombination
  2. DNA analysis of infectious disease
  3. Development in molecular biology
  4. Fingerprinting and its use in statistical studies
  5. Repairing a DNA
  6. Molecular biology of HIV
  7. What is gene therapy? 
  8. The production of growth hormones
  9. Methods of genetic engineering
  10. Structure of a DNA

Genetics topics for research paper

  1. Gene replacement and artificial chromosomes
  2. The crucial role of genetics in human behavior
  3. In vitro fertilization and the risk of genetic effects
  4. Role of genetics in cancer
  5. Types of genetic mutations
  6. Can genetic mutation prevent a person from aging? 
  7. DNA: Bridge of heredity
  8. The abuse of substance and its effect on our genes
  9. DNA comparison of an ape and a human
  10. How accurate is DNA testing?  

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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