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Argumentative Research Paper Topics

A way to get your audience’s interest in your paper is to write an abstract for research paper the makes them curious. Posing striking questions or controversies keeps the interest running. A type of writing that makes you think is an argumentative research paper. What is an argumentative research paper? 

It is a type of thesis that discusses a topic that makes you debate, compare and contrast and prove points to make the argument valid. This research paper will surely gather a huge audience, especially when there are two sides to a coin. Some of them will disagree or agree with what you wrote and might even share their perspective about the topic. If you are planning to write a paper like this, you can use some argumentative research topics. 

Education argumentative research topics

Here are some argumentative research ideas for education. 

  1. Is online distance learning more effective than face-to-face learning? 
  2. Is the use of technology (gadgets) helpful in the classroom setting? 
  3. Why most of the students take the STEM strand? 
  4. Is the use of social media as an educational platform effective? 
  5. Why do students cheat? 
  6. How do we prevent academic dishonesty online? 
  7. Why are music and art important in education? 
  8. Can school bring back corporal punishment as a disciplinary action for misbehaving? 
  9. Does the number of students inside the classroom affect their learning? 
  10. Why do students hate Math? 

Sports argumentative research topics

Sport is a hot trend in children and young adults alike. Here are some argumentative research topics for sports:

  1. Is the use of steroids a way of cheating in sports? 
  2. Can we include video games and e-sports in the Olympics in the future? 
  3. Which sports are famous to teenagers and why? 
  4. Why are more men into sports than women? 
  5. Why should parents enroll the children in a sports program? 
  6. Should college athletes be compensated? 
  7. Why should the rules of the sport differ from man and woman? 
  8. MMA: A sport or legalized violence?
  9. The importance of schools supporting sports summer camps
  10. Are sports legends born or made?  

Science argumentative research topic 

  1. Why is birth control awareness critical? 
  2. Should vaccination be accessible to everyone? 
  3. Does history repeat itself: The deadliest pandemics from the 1900s to 2000s
  4. What does life look like if we co-existed with dinosaurs? 
  5. How trash segregation helpful? 
  6. Is it possible to have a robot uprising in the future? 
  7. Why the internet is an assortment of various criminal activities
  8. Déjà vu: Real or happy coincidences? 
  9. What happens to humankind if Pangea never separated? 
  10. Science: A bringer of peace or the start of chaos? 

Technology argumentative research paper topics

  1. Does technology make us smarter? 
  2. Are young adults technology dependent? 
  3. Why is technology not older people friendly? 
  4. Are petitions on the internet a form of online revolution? 
  5. Is technology bringing us closer or ruins quality time? 
  6. Are social platforms a waste of your time? 
  7. How technology improved the field of medicine? 
  8. Traditional ways vs. technological advances? 
  9. Have inventions made people lazier? 
  10. Technology and its impact on a country economic growth

Medical argumentative research topics

If topics are too hard for you to handle and you are asking yourself who can write my research paper for cheap prices, you can always to do academic writing services. But, if are determined to learning from the writing experience here are some challenging but insightful topics for you.

  1. Dying people as research guinea pigs for medicine: is it unethical? 
  2. To get healthcare or not? 
  3. Should cloning be allowed or not? 
  4. Can euthanasia be legal? 
  5. Permanent banning of cigarettes
  6. The use of Marijuana as medicine
  7. Is mental health issue a disability? 
  8. Should sex education be part of the curriculum? 
  9. Should military personnel get free health care? 
  10. What are the limits of human testing?

An Ultimate List Of Research Paper Topics

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