American History Research Paper Topics for College Students

The things we enjoy in the present are products of the past. The previous civilizations and society were the founders and the building block of the things we do today. The government, architecture, different cultures, clothing, and even food originated in the past. These things we uncover, though maybe old in time, still affect and leave an impact in the present day we live in. That is why more and more college students are interested in unveiling the things of the past. Many find history interesting because it gives them a sense of validity and explanation of why things today are the way they are.

Every student will encounter the study of history in the educational journey. Some will even pursue it when they reach college. Studying history helps modern society understand why we do things the way we do. Some things need to be changed or retained, and it gives us a more range of understanding and awareness of our laws, language, cultures, and other things that shape the people of today.

You can study many branches of history, from economics to politics, art, and food culture. But which one of these topics is suitable for your American history research paper? All of these topics are worthy of being explored and studied. So, how do you choose which is the best one for you? First, it doesn’t have to be the most complicated one. Choose something right for your level.

Second, pick a topic that interests you the most to have fun doing the research and finding the paper. In case you haven’t enough time for your own research you can always buy a research paper online at PerfectEssay.

If you still can’t decide where to go, we will show you interesting topics for the American history research paper you can choose from.

Colonial America Research Topics

Suppose you are interested in knowing more about how the American revolution started. You may want to dig deeper on the topics regarding the history of colonial America. The case American colonies refer to the 13 British colonies during the 17th to the 18th Century is now part of the eastern United States. Here are some American history research paper ideas for this topic.

  • Colonial America and The New World Settlements
  • The Early Brewing of the American Revolution
  • Colonial America: The Timeline
  • European colonization of the Americas in the Early 16th Century
  • America: A British Empire

African American History Research Paper Topics

The very start of the long and scandalous history of Black people in the Americas started when Africans landed on the country’s coast in 1619. This research topic opens many powerful ideas to be discussed from the history of slavery and how dark-skinned people were mistreated and finally freed from the shackles of violence and forced labor to the most significant black people who ever lived. Here are some excellent history research topics for African American papers:

  • African American History and its Culture
  • The International Slave Trade
  • Black History: Its Greatest People and Achievement
  • African American Slavery: Timeline and its Eradication
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade and its Consequences

Civil War Research Topics

A popular choice of American history research paper topics for college students in the Civil War. The Civil War was fought between 1860 to 1861 by the United States of America and the Confederate States of America. Mainly, their age-old conflict began over the disagreement on the institutes of slavery. This issue is one of the most chosen United States history research topics because it has two sides of the coin. Below are some ideas for a civil war research paper:

  • The Causes and Prices Paid by the Civil War
  • The United States of America Versus the Confederate States of America
  • The Civil War Timeline
  • The Civil War and its Effects in the Modern Times
  • The Consequences of The Civil War

Revolutionary War Research Topics

The revolutionary War, which is also known as the American Revolution, happened from 1775 to 1783. The thirteen British colonies on the eastern part of the United States defeated the British rule and were finally free from the empire and became independent states. Here are some great historical research topics based on the American revolution:

  • The British Colonies vs. The British Empire
  • What Are the Causes of The American Revolution?
  • Revolutionary War: Who Fought It and Why?
  • Heroes of The Revolutionary War
  • Life During the Revolution

19thCentury American History Research Topics

There are several interesting US history research paper topics in the 19th Century that you can explore. Some of these topics include the Jacksonian Democracy, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, and many more. The 19th Century in the United States was a period of drastic changes. Here are some ideas to jumpstart your research paper on the 19th century Americas:

  • What is the War of 1812?
  • 9th Century American and its Inventions
  • A Sign of Hope: The Statue of Liberty
  • A Giant Leap in Sports: The Invention of Basketball

20thCentury American History Research Topics

There were many moments during the 20th Century that changed America. Some even call this Century the “American century.” Many events in this era are worth studying because some are still alive and effective today. Some of the noteworthy events during this era were the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty and the significant immigration. This Century was even the period where the start of the fast-food chain came to rise. Here are some US topics for a research paper you can write about in the 20th Century:

  • The Descent to Great Depression
  • The Vietnam War
  • San Francisco: The Great Earthquake and Fire
  • Capitalism is King in The Americas
  • Life in the 1900s

Native American Topics

Have you ever wondered who the first-ever settler of your homeland was in the old times? Even before Christopher Columbus landed on the shore of American back then, archeologists have found out that some ten thousand year ago certain civilizations had already wandered the land and were rich in varieties of culture. If you are interested to know the first people in the Americas, here are some US history research paper ideas:

  • An Overview of the Native Americans
  • The Tribes of American Indians
  • The Society Before Christopher Columbus
  • The Natives as the First People of America
  • Native American History: Its Food and Culture

American Revolution Topics

The American revolution was also called the War of Independence. This revolution was the era where the British colonizers finally surrendered to the United States. Here are some American history research topics you can use to start your paper on American Revolution:

  • What is real and what is not? The myths of the American Revolution
  • The Rebellion Against Great Britain
  • Essential Facts You Need to Know About the American Revolution
  • The Fourth of July

World War I And World War II Topics

World War I and World War II probably were the deadliest wars humanity has fought throughout the Earth’s time. Up to this day, there are still many effects that these wars have left the society. Being in a time of War affects a country’s economic stability and other aspects such as politics, social order, infrastructures, and public health.

The first world war originated from Europe that lasted from July of 1914 to November of 1918. Here are some research topic ideas regarding World War I:

  • World War I: An Overview
  • The Causes and Battles of the First World War
  • WWI: A Global War
  • Destruction: The Aftermath of World War I
  • American as the Key Player of the First World War

The second world war is most prevalent in history through the bombing of Pearl Harbor and its comeback by bombing Japan’s cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The second world was fought between central military counties from 1939 to 1945. Here are some research paper topics to explore during the WW2:

  • The Allies versus The Axis
  • WWII: The World on Fire
  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor
  • The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Civil Rights Topic To Write About

Another US history research paper idea that will ignite your interest and your readers is the era of civil rights. The civil rights movement two-decade-long struggle for social justice campaign of the African American community. The African Americans fought the movement, and many white Americans to fight for equality.

Some of its campaigns aim to eradicate racial discrimination, racial segregation, and disfranchisement against black people. One of the prominent figures during the civil rights movement was Martin Luther King Jr. Up to this day, and many people still fight for their rights that were once fought in the 1950s. Here are some interesting research paper topics you can explore the history of civil rights in America:

  • The Civil Right Movement: Timeline
  • The Fight for Equality: The Civil Right Movement
  • The Civil Rights Icons: Know Your Heroes
  • Civil Rights Movement: A Success or Not?
  • Civil Rights: Old Solutions to Modern Problems

Studying history is not only a mere requirement in your school’s curriculum. It is essential to know the past and the reasons why we do the things we do today. History gives us a clearer picture of how our society looks in the old times. How did people survive and create their own government? Knowing history gives us a deeper understanding of clothes, rituals, religion, and even food.

So, don’t look at history as the subject that requires you to memorize famous people’s dates and names. Think of it as the only bridge that connects us to our past heritage. They might be old and gone, but they are not forgotten. These people and events are some of the turning points in time that paved the way we are standing today. Take a pick from the different American history research paper topics for college students laid out for you and raise your awareness of the significant link between our past and present.

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